Re:Monster Episode 8: What’s Next for Ogrou?

Re:Monster episode 8, titled “Re:Organisation,” will show the characters amid the war against humans. Since the previous episode concluded the conflict between elves and humans, the Parabellum Mercenary Company should be prepared for another challenge led by Ogrou.

Re:Monster episode 8 release date and time on Crunchyroll

Episode 8 of Re:Monster will air on Monday, May 20, 2024, at 8 a.m. PDT. The episode will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll for fans worldwide.

The following is the Re:Monster episode 8 release date and time calendar for various regions across the world:

  • Monday, May 20, 2024, at 11 a.m. EDT
  • Monday, May 20, 2024, at 4 p.m. BST
  • Monday, May 20, 2024, at 5 p.m. CEST
  • Monday, May 20, 2024, at 8:30 p.m. IST
  • Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 12 a.m. JST
  • Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 12:30 a.m. ACT

Re:Monster episode 7 recap

Titled “Re:Sist,” Re:Monster episode 7 focuses on the war against humans, in which Ogrou and his fellow mercenaries employ new methods to wipe out the enemies. The episode begins with the third war between the goblins and humans, which Ogrou wins easily. Later, Ogrou takes two humans, one of them the human army chief, to the elvish village. While returning, the chief requests that Ogrou sends the elvish medicine for the princess. After giving the matter much thought, Ogrou finds it plausible.

The rest of the episode shows Ogrou in a difficult battle with a Brave blessed by the gods. Although he displays extraordinary power and abilities, Ogrou strategizes spontaneously and overpowers him. The conflict ends in Ogrou’s favor, and the Brave runs away. The former ultimately ends the war by secretly sending the elvish medicine to the humans. Ultimately, the Parabellum Mercenary Company offers their prayers to the thirty casualties caused during the war.

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