Robots in Disguise Omega Prime Figures Are Hasbro’s Latest Haslab Project 

Hasbro is back with its latest HasLab project, this time dedicated to the Transformers franchise and its Robots in Disguise TV series.

The latest HasLab project features two different action figures, including an 8.5-inch tall Optimus Prime and an 11.5-inch tall Ultra Magnus figure. When combined, however, they form the 13.5-inch tall Omega Prime.

A third action, the 5.75-inch tall Autobot Bluebolts, will also be included, and can transform itself into 6 different weapon accessories.

Transformers Omega Prime project is live now on HasLab

As is the case with every HasLab project, Hasbro will run the project as a crowdfunding opportunity, allowing fans to dictate if the figures get made. The crowdfunded project is available now and will run through March 14, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

If the project is successful, the figures will begin shipping in the fall of 2025. As of now, the project has a total of just under 3,500 backers of the necessary 10,000 backers for the project to be successful.

Past Haslab projects that have been successfully funded include a large-scale version of the X-Men’s Sentinel, a giant Marvel Legends Galactus, and several Star Wars projects, as well as a few Transformers projects, including a massive Unicron figure that transforms into a giant planet.

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