Strongest Characters in The Case Study of Vanitas: Vanitas, Noe, & More

The Case Study of Vanitas is a story based in a fictional 19th-century Paris where humans and vampires share the city. The story revolves around Vanitas and his companion, Noe Archiviste. They are on a quest to heal cursed vampires through the Book of Vanitas. It goes into detail about the Vampire born under the Blue Moon. He was isolated because of their fear, and thus, he swore vengeance against the vampires born under the Red Moon. His name was none other than Vanitas. The narrative is a memoir from the eyes of Noe Archiviste. He delves into how he came to meet Vanitas, their journey together, and how it eventually ends.  


The Case Study of Vanitas
Vanitas (Photo Credit: Studio Bones)

While he derives his name from an old vampire and uses his grimoire The Book of Vanitas. One wouldn’t be harshly criticized if they had mistaken Vanitas for a vampire. And that speaks for Vanitas himself, who is a human first and foremost. While he isn’t physically weak, he compensates for his lack of strength with his intelligence and grimoire. A combination of these two allows him to manipulate the actual names of vampires, making him a formidable presence within the series.

Noe Archiviste 

Noe (Photo Credit: Studio Bones)

The sole survivor of the Archiviste clan, Noe is the narrator of the series and accompanies Vanitas on his journey of curing Vampires. While one may argue that Noe has been defeated several times within the series. It might be accurate, but his compassion and kindness prevent him from having a severe physical altercation.

Despite being a vampire himself, Noe treats vampires and humans as equally good creatures. It’s this good virtue that pulls him down from time to time. But make no mistake, with his ability to relive memories just by drinking the respective person’s blood. It is safe to say one wouldn’t want to get on his wrong side.

Lucius Oriflamme

The Case Study of Vanitas
Lucius (Photo Credit: Studio Bones)

He is one of the most powerful and influential characters in The Case Study of Vanitas. Despite his young age, he serves as the Grand Duke to the Vampire Queen herself. He’s an aristocrat through and through.

Despite his childlike demeanor, he’s quite skilled at manipulating others with his strategic ploys and engagement in political scenarios to further his motive and maintain his clan’s position of power. To top it off, he holds Jeanne as his Chevalier.


Ruthven (Photo Credit: Studio Bones)

Prolific, Revered, and the guardian of Lucius Oriflamme, Ruthven is often considered one of the most essential characters in The Case Study of Vanitas. Playing a pivotal role in ending the war between humans and vampires, he now finds himself as a member of the Senate and is well-known amongst humans as well.

He sought peace between humans and vampires during the war, even acting as a peacemaker. Having been betrayed by his students, he no longer shares the same passion and is ready to use any means to seek his desires. Cold, ruthless, and feared by vampire society, with his powers yet to be showcased, he’s just a testament to the man that is Ruthven.

Jean-Jacques Chastel

The Case Study of Vanitas
Jean-Jacques Chastel (Photo Credit: Studio Bones)

Chastel is the protector and longtime companion of Chloe d’Apchier and the last surviving member of the d’Apchiers. His loyalty knows no bounds, as he goes on to sign a contract with the devil itself just to realize Chloe’s wish. He turns himself into the very beast the village feared in exchange for his actual name. He wreaks havoc on anyone who tries to hurt Chloe, a symbol of his genuine and sincere feelings towards her.

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