‘Terrifier 3’ Sets Official Release Date

After Terrifier 2 made $11 million dollars on a $250,000 budget, it was clear that a third movie needed to happen. Or was going to happen. Despite the huge amount of profit it made, the movie was a bit divisive. Some people criticized the runtime, the writing, and especially the level of gruesome violence it depicted. The first official movie in the series, Terrifier, also contained a number of graphic and disturbing kills, but the level of violence in the sequel is definitely above and beyond anything in the original.

The film stars David Howard Thornton as the scariest clown we’ve seen in ages, Art the Clown. With seemingly no rhyme or reason, he goes on a killing spree. He hunts down  Sienna Shaw, played by Lauren LaVera, who becomes our final girl in this movie. The series is a throwback to classic slashers, albeit a little bit harder to watch than most of the slashers from the genre’s golden age.

The third official entry in the series, Terrifier 3 is set to debut in 2024, and will take place around Christmas. Art the Clown will be terrorizing Miles County over the course of the evening of Christmas Eve.

Art The Clown from Terrifier 2
Bloody Disgusting

Damien Leone, the director of the Terrifier series, released a statement about the future of the series.

Terrifier 2’s remarkable success was driven not only by the insatiable appetite for new and thrilling horror icons like Art the Clown but also by its unparalleled theatrical release and marketing, along with its unyielding spirit. In a cinematic landscape where risk-taking is scarce, I will continue to push boundaries in Terrifier 3, and I can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for Art the Clown.

Terrifier 3 is set to open in theaters on October 25, 2024. The film will reportedly have a significantly higher budget than either of its predecessors.

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