‘The Fantastic Four’ Is a Period Piece, Confirms Kevin Feige

‘The Fantastic Four’ Is a Period Piece, Confirms Kevin Feige

‘The Fantastic Four’ Is a Period Piece, Confirms Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige has confirmed most fans suspicions based on early rumors and artwork: Marvel’s The Fantastic Four movie will be a period piece.

Feige revealed that information on the debut episode of The Official Marvel Podcast. When asked whether the retro vibes of the teaser artwork Marvel unveiled a few months ago, like the old school feel of the Fantastic Four’s blue jumpsuits, hinted at the film being set in the past, the typically secretive Feige was unusually blunt in his response:

It is a period [piece]. And there was another piece of art we released with Johnny Storm flying in the air and making a 4 symbol and there was a cityscape in the corner for that image. And there were a lot of smart people who noticed that cityscape didn’t look exactly like the New York that we know, or the New York that existed in the ’60s in our world. And those are smart, smart observations, I’ll say.


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Here is that other piece of artwork Feige mentioned. You can see that the skyline is decidedly both ’60s inspired and also not accurate to the real-world New York City of that time period.

The real question is: Which one of those buildings is supposed to be the Fantastic Four’s home base, the Baxter Building?

Marvel’s Fantastic Four will be Pedro Pascal as Mr. Fantastic, Vanessa Kirby as the Invisible Woman, Joseph Quinn as Human Torch, and Ebon Moss- Bachrach as the Thing. WandaVision’s Matt Shakman will serve as its director.

Fantastic Four is currently scheduled to open in theaters on July 25, 2025. Feige also revealed on the Official Marvel Podcast that the film starts production the Monday after this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

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