What Lies Ahead For Joe Higan?

Ninja Kamui episode 2 will explore the aftermath of Joe Higan’s outrage upon witnessing his dead family. As he learns the assassins’ identities behind this brutal murder, viewers will be treated to action, drama, and a stunning narrative driven by the thirst for revenge. 

Ninja Kamui episode 2 release date & time

According to Adult Swim’s official X account, the release date and time of Ninja Kamui’s episode 2 have been unveiled. As such, the media channel announces that new episodes will air every Saturday at midnight on Adult Swim’s anime serialization block, Toonami. However, this is only for Canada and the United States of America. Moreover, the anime television series will be released on HBO Max for audiences worldwide. 

Hence, Ninja Kamui episode 2 will air on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at 12 a.m. ET. Toonami will broadcast the episode. The episode will also be released on Max for streaming the next day. 

Ninja Kamui episode 1 ending: Who is Joe Higan?

The long-awaited Ninja Kamui finally debuted after all the hype that the series’ trailer previews had created. Moreover, given Sunghoo Park’s involvement in the anime as its director, along with his new production studio, E&H Production, the wait for this pilot episode was unmatched. 

Park’s work in the episode echoes through the brilliantly choreographed fight scenes. The episode kicks off with a group of assassins physically assaulting an anonymous man. Eventually, the man dies, but despite his supposed irrelevance to the narrative, his murder sets the tone for the rest of the series. It exudes bloodshed, brutality, murder, and relentless action.

The plot then shifts to Joe Higan, the protagonist of the series, voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda. Kenjiro’s role as Joe Higan marks a moment of ecstasy for his fans from Jujutsu Kaisen. After Mr. Nanami’s brutal fate in the series, Ninja Kamui could be a way for fans to watch his beloved seiyuu once again. 

Returning to the plot, Joe Higan lives a life of seclusion on a farm. The only twist is that he loves his life as he spends each moment with his family. He is seen being playful with his kids, camping with his family, and playing guitar for them. 

Ninja Kamui episode 1 ending, explained

However, beneath his seemingly happy life lies the secret of his haunting past, unbeknownst to viewers. As such, he lives under the alias Logan while he grapples with his identity and history. Upon hearing news of murders around the city, Higan keeps assuring his worrying wife that nobody can touch his family. Little does he know that his life is about to turn upside down. 

One fateful night, a group of assassins barges into his house. Profoundly injured, Higan listens to his child scream. In a moment of struggle, he somehow strives to approach his child and his wife. Sadly, it was already too late, as the assassins had already killed his family. Eventually, they kill him, too. 

Joe Logan’s wife and kid, Ninja Kamui episode 1 (Photo Credit: Sola Entertainment, E&H Production, Adult Swim)

On the hospital bed, he miraculously awakens from the dead, surprising the hospital staff. He wakes up to two FBI agents, Mike and Emma. While the two struggle with the logistics of the situation, Higan’s rage is triggered upon seeing his dead wife and child. He runs out of the hospital to avenge his dead family, thereby unmasking his true form as a ninja. He tackles various assassins one by one, engaging in a brutal bloodshed showdown.

The revenge trope adds intrigue to the plot, only to be topped by the Swift choreography within each fight scene. The introductory episode, therefore, prepares fans for the upcoming setting of the series.

Only upon the release of episodes in the future will viewers know whether Ninja Kamui will follow a stereotypical revenge story or if there is more to the plot that doesn’t yet meet the eye. 

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