‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant’s Filthy Answer Goes Viral

Think you want to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune? You might want to think twice. Give the wrong answer and millions of people might be laughing at what you said on national television.

That’s what happened to a gentleman named Tavaris this week after his episode of Wheel of Fortune aired. During one puzzle he gave an response that will surely go down in history as one of the raunchiest incorrect guesses in the series’ long history.

There’s an image of the puzzle above. It’s a phrase. The second and and third words are clearly “in” and “the.” So what could it be:?

Take it away Tavaris…

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Not only is “right in the butt” a dirty answer, it couldn’t be correct! There are five letters in “right” and only four letters in that first word. C’mon, Tavaris!

Pat Sajak’s withering, exhausted “No.” is just the most perfect response to that answer imaginable. (Also: Note Vanna White’s totally straight face through the whole thing. She does not sell it at all. That woman is a pro’s pro.)

The “right in the butt” moment has already been shared thousands of times online.

Later in the show, as Sajak introduced the night’s contestants, he said to Tavaris “Well, Tavaris, you’ve already made an impression on us.” To which Tavaris replied “I apologize, Pat. I was a little excited.”

There have been a few other awkward moments on Wheel of Fortune through the years, as is inevitable as contestants are trying to solve word puzzles and must use their knowledge of common phrases to work their way through possible answers. Here is another famous moment. Not quite as shocking as Tavaris’ faux pas, but it’s close.

The correct answer to the “Right in the butt” puzzle: “This is the best!” And you know what? From a Wheel of Fortune clip standpoint, it really might be.

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