Where To Watch the Episodes?

Where To Watch the Episodes?

Where To Watch the Episodes?

Netflix K-drama Hierarchy premiered on Friday, June 7, 2024, and quickly grew to be one of the current popular series on the streaming platform. Led by Lee Chae-Min, Roh Jeong-Eui, and Kim Jae-Won, the show garnered significant attention because of its storyline and characters. Viewers who aren’t fluent in Korean and would like to watch the Hierarchy K-drama’s Hindi-dub version can do so using a variety of platforms, including Netflix itself. 

Hierarchy documents the journey of a group of elite students at Jooshin High School who control the power and exert their wealth to dominate over the less-privileged students. However, the arrival of scholarship student Kang-Ha (Lee Chae-Min) changes the trajectory of their lives. He comes to avenge the death of his brother and navigates his suspicions around popular student Jeong Jae-Yi (Roh Jeong-Eui) and Jooshin Group heir Kim Ri-An (Kim Jae-Won). 

Hierarchy K-drama Hindi dub: Where to watch episodes 1 to 7?

Hierarchy K-drama has a total of 7 episodes, documenting Kang-Ha’s journey to avenge the death of his brother, Kang In-Han (Kim Min-Chul). All seven episodes are available on Netflix. For viewers who wish to watch the series in Hindi, they can go to the audio and subtitles button on each selected episode and change the audio to Hindi. Meanwhile, they can also choose the language for the subtitles or keep it off. 

To watch Hierarchy on Netflix using Hindi-dub, fans have to subscribe to the streaming platform. Once subscribed, they can tune in using the aforementioned method. Another option for viewers is to stream all 7 episodes of the series on Dailymotion. They can type the Dailymotion Hindi-dub episode number of the series on their chosen browser and watch the series comfortably. 

The Netflix K-drama has only been growing in popularity since its premiere. It recently ranked first on the Netflix Global Top 10 (non-English) charts, beating other popular K-dramas like The Atypical Family and Queen of Tears. 

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