Who Is the Villain & Is It Ezra Bridger?

Who Is the Villain & Is It Ezra Bridger?

Who Is the Villain & Is It Ezra Bridger?

One of the main mysteries of the new Star Wars series is Marrok’s true identity in Ahsoka. For those wondering who the villain is and whether or not Ezra Bridger is the face beneath the mask, here’s what we know so far.

What is Marrok’s true identity in the Ahsoka series?

Marrok’s true identity is thought to be Ezra Bridger who has been turned evil.

Though not yet confirmed, there are clues that Marrok is Ezra. The main hint comes from the “Marrok” name, which is linked to Arthurian legends where Marrok refers to a knight thought to be a werewolf.

With Ezra’s links to the Loth-wolves of Lothal, this small tease could be enough for some fans to believe that Marrok is indeed Ezra. However, it’s also possible that this is purely a coincidence or an intended misdirection.

Is Marrok’s real identity Ezra Bridger?

Marrok does appear to be Ezra Bridger, at least by the end of the second episode of Ahsoka.

The name “Marrok” alone is enough to tease a link to wolves, which Ezra has.

Of course, it’s possible that Marrok is actually someone else and these initial hints at them being Ezra is purely a misdirection. Another potential Force user that fans have been waiting to see introduced is an incarnation of Galen Marek, who took on the role of “Starkiller” in The Force Unleashed games.

Marrok’s identity will surely be revealed by the series’ end. However, it’s not clear when exactly we will learn who is hiding beneath the black mask. If it is indeed Ezra, then there are going to be a lot of questions that need answering, as fans won’t be expecting the character to turn to the darker side of the force.

For more Ahsoka content, here’s an explanation of whether or not Sabine Wren is now Force-sensitive. Also, here’s what happened to Ray Stevenson, the Baylan Skoll actor.

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