Aro Rose’s Highly Anticipated New Single “Falling Apart” featuring Poynt Blank Now Available Worldwide

Aro Rose has just released her highly anticipated third single “Falling Apart” featuring hip hop artist Poynt Blank.

Aro Rose is a superstar in the making.  An accomplished and prolific musician, singer, songwriter and actress. Her talent can make the plainest faces come alive with promise.

““Falling Apart” is a story about the unfolding of a toxic relationship. Everybody usually sees the good sides of a relationship, but people rarely see behind the scenes of what a bad relationship can be like. I wanted to portray a couple that starts off in love but slowly falls apart as time goes on. The music video shows situations that outside people may not always see. A couple may look perfect on the outside, but I wanted to show what happens behind closed doors in a toxic relationship. The song shows the reality of a relationship that no longer has love. I believe many people have experienced failed relationships and showing a vulnerable side of a couple I think could be relatable to many. The song is a conversation between two people expressing their feelings. I wanted the song to be like a journal in a way, speaking how they really feel inside but won’t say it to each other in reality.  I think it’s hard sometimes to accept that a love you once had might be over. Moving on is never easy and I think most people, including myself  feel really alone when it’s time to let go.  So those are the feelings I wanted to express in the message of this song and video.” – Aro Rose

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