Dave Grohl Dons a Suit + Tie for Wimbledon + Internet Reacts

Dave Grohl Dons a Suit + Tie for Wimbledon + Internet Reacts

Dave Grohl Dons a Suit + Tie for Wimbledon + Internet Reacts

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl took in some of the action at Wimbledon, but the internet had plenty of reaction to the singer’s attire for the occasion. Grohl, most often seen in more comfortable clothing, was styling in a suit and tie, slicked back hair and glasses.

The Wimbledon account shared a photo of Grohl seated at Centre Court at Wimbledon, while BBC Sport tried to pry some predictions about this year’s potential winners only for Grohl not to take the bait and try to keep a low profile. The singer attended the day’s matches with his wife Jordyn Blum.

The Wimbledon Attire

It’s certainly a bit jarring to see Grohl in a suit a tie, given his often dressed down T-shirt and jeans look onstage. But Wimbledon is a sporting event where the attendees often dress to be seen.

It should be noted that while Wimbledon doesn’t have an official dress code, “smart attire is encouraged,” especially on Centre Court and Court One where the higher profile matches take place. The reason that most dress in this manner is a show of respect for the players, who do adhere to a dress code.

What Fans Are Saying About Dave Grohl’s Wimbledon Look

While some comments were solely based on his look, others found ways to turn his appearance as a way to offer commentary on his recent dig at Taylor Swift over playing live.

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“Dave Grohl looking fly af!,” exclaimed one fan on X. “Doesn’t he scrub up well,” added another. While another person countered, “Dave Grohl is in a suit & Tie is like seeing a fish out of water. We’re taken aback.”

When it came to the Swift commentary, “Obviously there to see people play live,” noted one person on X. “I wonder if he’ll accuse any of them of not playing live,” added another.

Check out some of the chatter that had Grohl trending on X below.

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