Hip Hop Artist Twizm Whyte Piece Releases Highly Anticipated New Single “Icon” Featuring Furyus

History making Indie Superstar Rapper/Hip Hop Artist Twizm Whyte Piece has just released his highly anticipated new single “Icon” featuring the legendary Furyus. Recently named one of the Best Rappers on Earth by The Hollywood Digest, hip hop fans are in awe of the incredibly iconic new song “Icon.”

“Icon” is the second collaboration between Twizm Whyte Piece and Markivous “Furyus” Nious, with their first collaboration “Theory of ID” released in 2020. The exquisite duo is back with another vibrant and creative anthem where the bass rips through your ears from the gate.

You can hear the sounds of excitement rise through the speakers like a séance chant. The lyrics and beats are intricately laced and powerfully delivered by both artists, triumphantly crashing into 2021 with authority screaming “I’m An Icon, I’m An Icon.” Rounds of applause explode from the fans and followers as the purity of the track is hard to match in this difficult and turbulent era of music.

If ever there was a need for an icon it is now, when every moment in life is like a pinnacle on a precipice with one moment treachoursly teetering the movement one way or the other,
and in Twizm Whyte Piece and Furyus this need is found.

Stream Icon on Spotify here:


The official website for Twizm Whyte Piece may be found at https://www.officialtwizmwhytepiece.com

The official website for Markivus “Furyus” Nious may be found at https://www.iammarkivus.com

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