j-hope of BTS Teams Up with J. Cole for “on the street”: Stream

j-hope of BTS has unveiled a new solo single, “on the street.” The collaboration between BTS’ dance leader and his longtime idol J. Cole is a cozy, lo-fi addition to j-hope’s discography. Stream it below.

Somewhere between the darker, rock-inspired sound of j-hope’s full-length 2022 solo release, Jack in the Box, and the neon-drenched explosion of his 2018 mixtape Hope World, “on the street” is mellow and hopeful, grounded by an earworm whistle hook. “For the path I’m on to become one of hope, I give my all/ Even my walk was made of your love and your faith/ To repay you from afar, just like a butterfly,” j-hope raps.

The song arrives following the news that j-hope will be the next member of BTS to begin the process to move forward with South Korea’s mandatory military enlistment period. In a press release, he states that this song “genuinely expresses his deep appreciation for the fans who have walked with him all along, and his wishes to give them back by accompanying them on their journey with hopeful music.”

While the news of J. Cole on the track might have been a surprise, there was a small hint in j-hope In the Box, the Disney+ documentary chronicling the artist’s preparations for his headlining set at Lollapalooza: J. Cole comes by to greet j-hope backstage in Chicago, and the two have a conversation gushing about each other’s work. Now, viewers can revisit the footage and see the groundwork being laid for a collaboration.

The name of the track also references a web series called “Hope on the Street,” in which j-hope would livestream freestyling sessions or dance rehearsals showcasing his specific expertise in hip-hop and street dance.

Revisit our review of j-hope’s Lollapalooza set here, and stream the track with J. Cole below.

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