Metalcore Guitarists Play Their Favorite Riffs

Metalcore Guitarists Play Their Favorite Riffs

Metalcore Guitarists Play Their Favorite Riffs

Want to see some metalcore guitarists play their favorite riffs?

We’ve had a lot of musicians take part in our Gear Factor series, so to make it easier for fans, we started making compilation videos. For this week’s episode, we gathered clips of metalcore guitarists playing their favorite riffs through the years.

You’ll see video bits of former Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce, Bring Me the Horizon’s Lee Malia, Bullet for My Valentine’s Michael Paget, Knocked Loose’s Isaac Hale, Architects’ Josh Middleton and a few others.

While we typically highlight guitarists playing the legendary riffs that inspired them by other guitarists, this video shows them demonstrating their favorite riffs by their own bands, so they’re getting to show off the guitar parts that they’re most proud of. Perhaps these riffs will help teach future generations of guitarists how to play proficiently.

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Check out the episode below, and head to our YouTube channel to watch our other Gear Factor episodes to see compilations of rockers playing their favorite riffs by AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Iron Maiden and more.

Metalcore Guitarists Play Their Favorite Riffs

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