Review and Thank You to Nate Soundz “Time Pivotal” by Eileen Shapiro



Supercool rising rap artist Nate Soundz has released a new version of “Time Pivotal” (prod by SICKNESS) NFP Remix Which includes myself and Jimmy Star inside the rhyme. How awesome is that?

It’s a hard riding message driven rap that all those in the music industry should listen to and dissect. It’s a poetry in motion, frenzied philosophy and wake up insanity lesson regarding records and sounds and beats and the music industry which includes warnings, advice, and time spent…and it’s a huge thank you from World Star PR!

Listen to “Time Pivotal” (produced by SICKNESS) NFP Remix here:

Nate Soundz is a poet, a producer, a creative, an artist, a dad, a veteran, and a humanitarian with the desire to help anyone who can’t help themselves. There is passion in his poems and mystique in his beats and a new rap genre in the making: humanitarian rap. He has hundreds of beats and hundreds of rhymes and a consistent mission to produce what people need to and have to hear. He even sold his house to make this work. He has a look, (he could easily be a model), a confidence (as opposed to arrogance) and he’s kind…

Check out his music and his website (SoundCloud) as he’s constantly coming up with new poems and beats. He’s a rapper with elegance…..

5/5 Stars

Listen to Nate Soundz music here:




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