SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, Wonwoo to debut as sub-unit in June

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and Wonwoo are set to debut as a new sub-unit with their first single album ‘This Man’ next month.

Pledis Entertainment announced the sub-unit’s debut last night (May 19) via a cryptic video teaser depicting a crowded city corner in the middle of the night, drenched in rain. When lightning strikes a particular building with a large VCR screen, banners begin to unveil and flyers begin falling from the sky in promotion of the duo’s debut.

The post, made on X (formerly Twitter), also indicated that the single album will be titled ‘This Man’. The single album is due out on June 17 at 6pm KST or 5am ET. More details about the tracklist are expected to be announced at a later stage.

Jeonghan and Wonwoo’s official debut as a SEVENTEEN sub-unit will mark the band’s official second, after BSS – comprising Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi – debuted in 2018. BSS recently made a comeback last year with the single ‘Fighting’ featuring rapper Lee Young-ji. The 13-piece also have their own established teams dedicated to Performance, Hip-Hop and Vocal, which have been a part of group activities since debut.

Wonwoo also teamed up with Mingyu in 2021 for a standalone single ‘Bittersweet’ featuring vocals from Lee Hi and is also a part of the band’s Hip-Hop unit. Meanwhile, Jeonghan is a part of the band’s Vocal Team.

The announcement of the new sub-unit’s debut comes a little under a month since SEVENTEEN released their first-ever compilation album ’17 Is Right Here’, which included four new tracks: lead single ‘Maestro’, and three new tracks for the Vocal, Performance and Hip-Hop teams.

Music videos for Hip-Hop Team’s ‘LALALI’ and Performance Team’s ‘Spell’ have been released, while the Vocal Team’s music video for “Cheers to youth’ will drop later this week on May 24.

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