Single Review: Rocky Kramer “Alcohol”


Rocker and rising superstar Rocky Kramer has released his new single “Alcohol”, off his debut album “Firestorm.” Allied Artists Music Group celebrates the release of Firestorm, a progressive metal, concept album created by Kramer and produced by Kim Richards who has earned over 100 gold, platinum and diamond records as well as numerous Grammy nominations beginning with credits such as Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

Kramer hailing from Norway has proven himself as an accomplished musician, songwriter and one of the best guitarists on the planet. Although born in the 90’s Kramer’s love of music and influences are spawned from the music of the 80’s. Coined a “modern day Viking armed with a guitar” Kramer comes from a musical family learning classical violin beginning at age 5. With the desire to perform live guiding his lust for rock music, Kramer followed his dream and by the time he reached high school he was involved in local legendary bands. Currently selling out arenas in Europe, Kramer’s style and technique is quickly gaining attention and admiration in the states. Now based in LA, Rocky’s dream of becoming one of the most powerful metal artists of our times is becoming an actualization.

“Alcohol” is fun. It rocks, it’s open for interpretation, it’s a love song, a radical musical anthem, a love affair with the adrenaline caused by playing live, a necessary evil, a driving force of desire. Endorsing Fender Guitars, Kramer is a powerful musician exposing his talents throughout the song.

“Firestorm” is an autobiographical master piece infused with symphonic melodies, hard rock, catchy hooks, colorful arrangements, and melodic fragrances. It has already seen the single and video production release of “Rock Star”, a dazzling, glam rock obsession. Kramer is the complete analogue of a true rock star. He is definitely someone to keep your eye out for in the music industry in months to come…..

5/5 Stars

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Review by Rock Star Journalist Eileen Shapiro

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