The Prince Regent Of EDM Dantès Alexander Partners With Famed German Label DMN Records

The Prince Regent of EMD Dantès Alexander has just teamed up with famed German label DMN Records for releases and distribution.

DMN Records is an independent dance label started in 2012 and based in Frankfurt, Germany. DMN is profiled in commercial dance traditions in supporting the new Eurodance producers and bringing back the 90’s dance artists.

Some of the biggest artists who were produced or licensed by the label include B.B. The Prince of Rap, AK-SWIFT, Ice MC, Lane McCray, CB Milton, Linda Rocco, Lori Glori, Corona, Regina, Rozalla, 20 Fingers, The Outhere Brothers, Greg Bannis and many more.

Dantès Alexander just broke 2.4 million global streams, and shows how this amazing artist has no intention of slowing down.

Dantès music is a fusion of R&B, Pop and House music taking the listener on an enforced visit to an imaginary realm while reinventing the EDM sound.

Dantès is an orgasmic burst of sparkle who says most of his music is God inspired and wishes to elevate the LGBTQ community platform.

Dantès is courageous, outspoken, fashionably fluorescent and a dark welcoming epiphany in a world that became gray and gloomy.

The official website for Dantès Alexander may be found at

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