Interview: “ivoryHAUS ” by Eileen Shapiro

Composer Noa Spott- brainchild of Ivory HAUS, project specters of harmonious tranquility crosscut with dissonant flourishes, kinetic rhythms melodic twists….will be releasing a self-titled album on September 14, 2018.

A multi-instrumentalist, playing keys, guitar, bass, and drums, Noa is a full time musician. “I wanted to make an album of chill/down temple music, so this release was largely inspired by things at mellow me out: hiking, stargazing and the ocean. Sonically, glitched pianos, analog synthesizers, and hip hop rhythms guide you through this record”… ivoryHAUS

I spoke with Noa regarding his compelling and very unique soundscape ….

I understand that 25% of the profit made from this album sales is donated to, “Save The Elephants. What’s you’re connection to the elephants?

I’m not really sure. I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with elephants. I think that they are really interesting creatures, so I incorporated that a little bit into the music I was making. There’s no significance beyond that.

What inspires the music that you make?

When I started working on this stuff, I’m originally a guitar and bass player, more of an instrumental player, and my friend got me a mini pick up for my birthday. I started playing with that while playing the piano and the guitar, and that was the initial inspiration for that. As time went on I got interested in synthesizes. I got my first analogue synthesizer and that’s where a lot of the music on this album came from. Just staying up late at night playing with my synthesizer, and making noises.

Well there are some pretty cool noises on this album.

I would originally start by making a patch with my synthesizer and then I would later development it with adding piano and grooves. But most of the time it would start with just a synth.

What goes through your mind when you create these songs?

I think for a lot of this stuff I was usually just trying to relax. I would stay up late at night while stargazing. It was really soothing to create music that was a little more calming and mellow. I’m from a rock background so it was a change of pace to be able to express a more sincere and pretty side, for lack of a better word, rather than being so aggressive. I guess it was a desire to be a little more satisfied.

Do you ever plan to put vocals to your music?

Not really but I guess I wouldn’t be opposed to it if the right person asked. I don’t have any intentions of singing but I guess if I was approached by the right person, if I found somebody that wanted to work together on something, I would entertain the idea.

Do you plan to tour?

I don’t have plans currently but it’s something that I’ve toyed around with. I’d have to create a show for it. I think maybe the next record or when I get some more music out. When I get the word out a little bit I would consider that for sure.

What do you consider your music to be aside from very different?

You know I’ve struggled with that myself because I’m kind of new to electronic music. I think ambient, or downtempo, are the best that I’ve come up with. But listening to other artists in that genre kind of tells me otherwise. I struggle with that, maybe someone will pin one for me.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Actually I’m already writing and thinking about next releases. The album is not out yet but writing has always been my passion so I’m just moving forward with that. I have another couple of songs that are pretty close to finished, so that’s exciting. I’m not sure if I want to do another album or maybe I’ll go more of a single route this time. Yeah I’m just keeping on writing.





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