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Mason’s Paradox, the highly anticipated animated series created by Jacob Graham is releasing their official poster and initial superstar cast in preparation for their Kickstarter campaign and trailer launch taking place on June 9th, 2020. Mason is just your average teenager dealing with teenage problems. Things like dimensional travel, getting mixed up in intergalactic wars and leading the charge against evil forces who threaten time itself. Ok so maybe Mason isn’t just your average teenager.
Actress/Model/Host/Author/Comedienne Wendy Stuart Kaplan has just launched her new television show “Pandemic Cooking with Wendy.” Dubbed by her friends “the Kathy Griffin of fashion”, Wendy’s hilarious, occasionally poignant story of how she became – and has remained for 30 years – one of the most successful “fit” models in the country (that size 8 you’re wearing might very well be based on Wendy Stuart Kaplan’s figure), is told with a Griffin-esque sense of humor untarnished
EILEEN SHAPIRO The Legend Herself with ChanceTV Rock Star Journalist for over 40 publications, Eileen Shapiro, guests on ChanceTV with television host & celebrity interviewer Chance Spiessbach. Eileen Shapiro has successfully interviewed some of the greatest of the greats of the last few decades from: Lizzo, Kesha, Rachel Weisz, Billy Porter, Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Hudson, Emma Stone, Brooke Shields, Jane Lynch, Cheap Trick, Adam Ant, Melissa Etheridge, Diana Ross, Brooke Shields, Lee Ann Rimes, B-52’s,
“Irreplaceable”, is the title of singer, songwriter, and producer’s Ian Guerin’s triumphant new album, however it also describes his irreplaceable velvet and passionate voice and the titanic talent belonging to its creator. Already celebrating several successful singles generated from the album including: “Cry”, UK Best R&B Soul Song of the year, UK #1 single “Roll the Dice”, and “Free Time”, four time award winning U.K. #1 single, which has just been released in the US.