‘9-1-1’ Maddie/Chimney New Home, Time Jump Spoilers

What has 9-1-1‘s Chimney fired up? Is The Blacklist‘s Red engaged in risky business? Which Grey’s Anatomy duo will soon have a “moment”? Read on for answers to those questions plus scoop on many other shows. (You can and should email any brand-new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

Is there anything you can tease about 9-1-1‘s “Madney” in Season 6b? –Jamie
I am hearing that when Season 6 resumes on Monday, March, 6, there will have been a bit of a time jump since the fall finale, during which Maddie and Chimney moved into their “new” house — though the former is now stressed about an imminent visit from her folks (played by Gregory Harrison and Dee Wallace). On top of that, Albert (played by John Harlan Kim) pays a visit from Korea — though he will not, to Chimney’s great frustration, be arriving alone….

I read a while back that SurrealEstate was resurrected from cancellation. Any news when we can expect this fun show’s return? –Jackie
Nothing is locked in yet, but I am hearing that the Tim Rozon-led spooker could be back as soon as this summer.

Boba Fett Cobb Vanth Bacta TankIs there any chance The Mandalorian Season 3 will give an update on Cobb Vanth? –Dee
To recap, the Mos Pelgo Freevee Freetown sheriff was felled by blaster fire from Cad Bane during The Book of Boba Fett, and last was seen healing in a bacta tank — with a mods artist ready to do some work. Timothy Olyphant, alas, wasn’t spilling on his gunslinger’s fate when we spoke to him this week. “You guys know that world better than I do,” he hedged, “and you know that even if I knew anything, I wouldn’t say s–t.”

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