Alexander Scelso aka Sitanya Face Guests On TriVersity Talk! Thursday September 9th, 2021 at 7 PM ET

Wendy Stuart and Steven Bloomer-Teague will be hosting TriVersity Talk this Thursday at 7 PM ET with featured guest Alexander Scelso aka Sitanya Face.

TriVersity Talk! is a weekly web series with featured guests discussing their lives, activism and pressing issues in the LGBTQ Community. With TriVersity Talk!, the goal is to laugh and learn.

TriVersity Talk! Is part of TriVersity’s ICARE Initiative. ICARE stands for Increasing Community Awareness through Relevant Education. ICARE Programs are generously funded by The Greater Pike Community Foundation.
Join us on Thursday, September 9th at 7 pm ET for another great episode of TriVersity Talk!, with this week’s featured guest, Alexander Scelso aka Sitanya Face! Wendy and Steven can’t wait to talk with Alex/Sitanya about his life, his art, and how to discover the unicorn in each of us.

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More about Alexander/Sitanya: Alexander Scelso aka Sitanya Face is a Brooklyn born and raised actor, published spoken word poet and drag queen. Turns pain and turns it into art and comedy. Sews together words to tell stories to make people feel and think. Most notably known for ‘The Unicorn That Discovered Self-Love’ which evolved from a one man show at The Tank to a published poetry play available at to a one queen show at Don’t Tell Mama and hopefully a tour of NYC venues. Follow on Instagram @thesitanyaface for all updates.

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