Carrie and Aidan in Virginia, Missing Scene – TVLine

Carrie and Aidan in Virginia, Missing Scene – TVLine

Carrie and Aidan in Virginia, Missing Scene – TVLine

Wondering why we didn’t see Carrie head down to Virginia to meet Aidan’s sons on And Just Like That…? The writers did have a reason, it turns out.

“We wanted to jump ahead a little,” writer/executive producer Julie Rottenberg explains on the show’s official podcast And Just Like That… The Writers Room, with EP/showrunner Michael Patrick King adding: “We didn’t necessarily want to do ‘Carrie goes to Virginia.’”

While the writers admit that they “did consider” showing the trip on screen, King says: “The reality is, we didn’t want to do it artistically.” There were logistical reasons as well: “Production-wise, it was hard. It was winter. It was not supposed to be winter in this episode.” The writers concluded that they “needed the [storytelling] real estate in New York” more, so they nixed the Virginia scenes.

Two weeks ago on And Just Like That…, Carrie packed up to go down to Virginia to meet Aidan’s three sons for the first time. But this week’s episode opened with Carrie already having returned from her trip, with her and Aidan discussing how well it went. (Although an awkward FaceTime with Aidan’s teen son Wyatt indicated that there are still some kinks to work out.) Carrie decided to buy a big new apartment for her and Aidan to live in — and she also got a warning from Aidan’s ex-wife Kathy not to break his heart again. (Read our full recap here.)

Were you kind of hoping to see Carrie and Aidan in Virginia? Give us your thoughts on that, and this week’s episode, in the comments below.

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