Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14 Spoilers: Blake and Violet Kiss!

Something significant happened on Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 13, as Carver realized he was developing feelings for his lieutenant.

That realization surprised him, as he didn’t quite anticipate it.

He also got a visit from his estranged brother, and the two events put him in a vulnerable position, and he lashed out at Kidd.

Spoilers - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14

It is inappropriate to talk to another person the way he did and unprofessional to speak to your lieutenant like that.

Spoilers for Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14 tease a tense episode as some of the previous storylines from the past couple of episodes get revisited.

Kelly - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14

Carver deals with the aftermath of his realization

As with many viewers, Carver has been winning me over with his human nature. He has been hurt in the past, and it is only natural we sympathize with him.

He came to 51 and ruffled everyone’s feathers because of his attitude, and Stella, being the good lieutenant, tried to get him to fit in better with the rest of the crew.

They grew closer from the moments they spent together talking about personal stuff. While Kidd might have interpreted this as something totally platonic and innocent, Carver had been falling for her.

Carver - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14

Seeing the confusing emotions race through him in that garage rescue was heartbreaking.

It is a common tactic people in unrequited love use to protect themselves when they act mean toward people they are in love with, hoping that they would love them even more.

That was the reason he lashed out at Kidd like that. He knew spending more time with her would not help his situation.

After that distasteful turn of events, Carver turns to alcohol to try and numb his emotions. Having no other friends to talk to can be dangerous as he can become an alcoholic quite easily.

Carver 2 - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14

His only option is to confess (which is not really an option) his feelings to Kidd, and maybe they will find a way to move forward or pack up and leave.

He won’t confess, at least not this soon, since he loves and needs the job.

Kidd confronts Carver

Kidd knew Carver had crossed a line and even went to Severide with her concerns. She blamed herself for his behavior, thinking she had crossed some personal boundaries with him.

Stella - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14

That is so typical of her. She first tries to find how she might have contributed to something that went wrong.

She visits him at his house, which is poorly kept. She stresses the importance of her being able to trust him.

She will forgive him by keeping up with her nature as a good lieutenant. In the promo images for the episode, they can be seen at Molly’s, drinking beer.

Maybe this will be the wake-up call Kidd needs to draw some boundaries with him. And perhaps the boundaries are what might help him get over her.

Stella Kidd - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14

Violet and Blake kiss

Blake has had it for Violet for a while now but didn’t want to make a move for a couple of reasons, chief among them being that she was with Evan.

He tried to distract himself by getting into a very casual relationship with a girl who turned out to be Herrmann’s nephew, but that also didn’t get far.

With the death of Evan, Violet is now single, and Blake is single.

Blake and Ritter - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14

Someone takes a keen romantic interest in Violet, and he won’t leave her alone. It is safe to say that Violet is not looking to date anyone any time soon as the Evan scars have not yet healed.

While trying to get the interested party back off, she kisses Blake on the lips, at Molly’s, in front of Sylvie.

While this is innocent on Violet’s part, it is not as much on Blakes’s.

You what that means? Drama!

Stella Kidd - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14

Ritter gets some screen time.

If you watch Chicago Fire online, you know Ritter is one of the most underused characters. The most we see of him is when he, Blake, and Violet do their three-musketeer thing, which usually involves sitting at Molly’s drinking.

The show could benefit from utilizing their token queer character, considering they haven’t had the best track record with having or keeping their queer characters.

In this episode, Ritter catches a politician in a compromising position. It is unclear what this position is, but knowing politicians, it is either corruption or a sexual thing.

Trudy - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 14

I hope this is the gateway to having Ritter get more screen time, and this particular storyline isn’t thirty seconds long.

Mouch and Trudy team with Severide to investigate an arson

Has Severide become an expert arson investigator?

He helped catch an arsonist earlier in the season, and it seems there is another arsonist.

This time, Trudy brings a case to Mouch, and they rope Severide in to try to solve it.

The episode teases an emergency where a kid is trapped in a motorized machine, so the crew responds. We can expect a twist in that case.

Cindy’s cancer storyline continues, so we expect to see how her beginning chemotherapy affects the rest of the family, particularly Hermann.

Those were our spoilers, Chicago Fire Fanatics. What are you most excited about? I know I want to see how Gallo feels after that kiss. Check out the promo below.

Hit the big blue show comments button, and let us know your thoughts.

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