Comscore Everywhere, A New Cross-Platform Measurement Offering, Launches Pre-Emptive Strike At Forthcoming Nielsen One

Comscore has launched Comscore Everywhere, a new suite of measurement tools designed to provide a comprehensive view across streaming, linear and digital.

The product is a pre-emptive strike against Nielsen’s forthcoming Nielsen One launch, which is expected by the end of this year. Nielsen remains the market leader in third-party measurement, but it has faced intense criticism of its methods over the past year. Comscore has expressed confidence in its ability to make up the market share gap between the companies and it has signed on to provide at least alternative data to a host of major media and tech firms. Comscore, Nielsen and other third-party vendors are contending with a dramatically evolving media environment, in which most companies are keeping viewership data extremely close to the vest.

At the center of Comscore Everywhere is its common comparable metric the company calls “audience definition” across media and screens powered by a singular dataset and methodology.

“Consumers don’t think in terms of linear versus streaming versus digital—they think of content,” said David Algranati, the company’s chief product officer. “Measurement must reflect that reality, and with today’s launch, Comscore is the only measurement company with the experience, scale, technology, combined with unique big data assets, innovative methodologies, and best-in-class services to deliver on the future of cross-platform media measurement.”

Comscore said plans to continue working with partners to refine the methodology once the new offering is in the marketplace.

“As the fragmentation of consumer media consumption habits accelerates, the need for a holistic audience intelligence platform is more urgent than ever,” CEO Bill Livek said. “With the launch of Comscore Everywhere, we have taken the lead on providing the currency of the future.”

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