Courteney Cox Spoofs Her 1980s Tampon Commercial (VIDEO)

Courteney Cox is laughing in the face of menopause as the Friends star hilariously spoofed her iconic pre-fame 1985 tampon commercial in a new Instagram video.

“My commercial needed an update,” Cox captioned the video (watch below), which sees her wearing a strikingly similar outfit to the original ad, including knee-high socks and purple spandex leggings. The newly edited video features snippets from the 1985 commercial, which shows a 21-year-old Cox advertising Tampax, and updated clips of the now 58-year-old actress, talking about menopause.

“Does your life change once a month because of your period?” the bright-eyed Cox began the original video. “Did your life completely change because of menopause?” she starts the updated version.

The video then flips back and forth from the original ad to the modern reimagining. “Still using pads?” is replaced with, “Still getting hot flashes?” Both Cox’s then promise to “tell it to us straight,” as present-day Cox humorously warns, “Menopause will eat you alive — it’s horrible. Plus, you get the added bonus of dryer skin and getting bald patches — now that’s something!”

She wraps up the video by saying, “There is nothing good about menopause. It can actually change the way you feel about getting older,” rephrasing the closing line of the original commercial.

The self-deprecating video received much love from fans and fellow celebrities. “God you’re cute,” commented Bad Sisters creator/star Sharon Horgan. “I CANT!! It’s the f-ing WORST & this is the f-ing BEST!!,” added Law & Order alum Angie Harmon.

“You know it’s one of my favs,” said Golden Globe winner Drew Barrymore, while Quantico actor Josh Hopkins declared, “You won the internet today!”

Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham simply commented, “Fabulous,” while Oscar winner Julianne Moore was so tickled she just wrote, “Ahahahahahahahahaha.”

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