Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 6-03-24: Will Melinda’s Desperate Move Help Her Slither Out of Trouble?

The baby switch story seems to be moving at lightning speed now that the regular writers are back at the helm, but it can’t be resolved that fast, can it?

Some infuriating Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 6-04-24 suggest that Melinda has another card to play, and so does Sloan, though hers is weaker.

Let’s hope they don’t get away with their crap! The good guys in Salem are always so weak compared to the villains. That’s a standard soap opera trope, but this story’s been dragged out long enough.

Spoilers for the Week of 6-03-24 - Days of Our Lives

What Has Happened to Melinda?

Melinda Trask has always been tough and ruthless, but she used to have a moral code. It wasn’t that long ago that she lambasted Justin Kiriakis for attempting to blackmail a judge.

She felt his underhanded behavior brought shame to the legal profession, and she was right. Now, though, she’s nothing but a criminal and not above some blackmail of her own.

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According to the spoiler video, she tells Rafe that Gabi will not get out of jail if he arrests her. Let’s hope Rafe is strong enough to ignore that threat.

Arresting Trask should mean getting a DA who will do their damn job instead of using the office as a weapon against people they hate, but that’s too logical for Salem most of the time.

Lots of Story Movement on Days of Our Lives

Several stories are heating up, at least according to the spoiler video. Melinda is only one small part of the puzzle.

Konstantin and Maggie’s wedding will air this week, but who is fooling who? Maggie has been making bold yet stupid moves since this story began, so it’s hard to believe she’s about to trap Kon the Con.

Meanwhile, Clyde drops a bombshell that may or may not be true, while Sloan has news for Eric that could change his life… if he believes her.

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Will Melinda Blackmail Her Way out of Trouble? - Days of Our Lives

Will Melinda blackmail her way out of trouble?

Melinda’s threat will likely work, at least for now. It’s extremely weak sauce, and Rafe should have the upper hand here.

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Later spoilers say that EJ confronts Melinda about her role in the babynapping (and is likely to convince her to keep her mouth shut about whose child it is).

It would be awesome if he had to visit her in jail, considering how many times she locked him or Sami up just because she didn’t like it. 

If anyone deserves to have the tables turned on them, it’s her! This should be fun.

Will Sloan Slither Away? - Days of Our Lives

Eric catches Sloan…but will she slither away again?

Friday’s show ended with Sloan attempting to run away before Nicole could call the cops, only to come face to face with Eric.

I’d like to know what Eric is doing there. He’s been moping and telling anyone who would listen that he can’t be part of Jude’s life because it’s unfair. Did he have a change of heart?

Having Eric standing at the door felt like a contrived plot twist, although there is a legitimate reason for him to be there. He just told Rafe that Melinda lied about not being involved in the handoff, so maybe he wants to tell Nicole and EJ.

From the spoiler video, Sloan thinks her best move is to tell them the baby is Eric’s.

There’s no reason for anyone to believe her, and she’d have to confess to tampering with two other DNA tests, which is another crime. So, what exactly is the point of this?

Lucas Pressures Goldman - Days of Our Lives

Ava and Lucas continue pressuring Goldman.

Lucas’ banter with Ava outside the post office felt like a pathetic attempt to recreate the banter that made Lucas and Sami a great couple.

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Still, Lucas’ ability to overpower Goldman was impressive, even if it mainly happened off-screen.

Now she’s exactly where she doesn’t want to be: in the clutches of the man she tried to kill and a mob princess who will do whatever it takes to get to Clyde.

Ava has no boundaries, and Lucas could also play into his tough guy side. He’s a prisoner who went to jail for kidnapping his ex-wife so he could scare Goldman if he wanted to.

Harris Tries to Stop Ava - Days of Our Lives

Harris tries to stop Ava from committing murder.

Days of Our Lives has been setting up a who killed Clyde story for a while, with several people saying they’d rather he come home in a body bag than in handcuffs, and Ava’s made it clear she wants a permanent solution to her Clyde problem.

Harris acting shocked and trying to stop Ava is laughable. The guy isn’t exactly moral and still hasn’t come forward about what he knows about the man who tried to shoot him.

Haven’t Harris and Ava discussed killing Clyde before? Harris has been trying to talk Ava out of this for a while, and I’m afraid he will end up caught in the crossfire.

Getting fatally shot months after getting non-fatally shot would be a ridiculous ending, but Steve Burton’s time on Days of Our Lives is almost up, so it seems likely.

Is Clyde Lying? - Days of Our Lives

Could the bombshell Clyde drops be anywhere near true?

The Clyde clips on the spoiler video were aggravating. Chad holds him at gunpoint, only for Clyde to insist he never killed Abigail… because she’s alive.

Yeah, right. Does he have any bridges for sale, too?

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If Clyde’s lips are moving, he’s likely lying, and that’s doubly true if he’s being held at gunpoint.

As far as I know, neither Kate Mansi nor Marci Miller was available when these scenes were filmed. Plus, bringing Abigail back from the dead (AGAIN!) would make the two years of Chad’s extreme grief pointless.

EJ Confronts Melinda - Days of Our Lives

EJ has something to say to Melinda about the baby swap.

As I mentioned earlier, it would be awesome if he visited Melinda in a holding cell. 

However, EJ would be wise to leave well enough alone. He’s not the DA anymore, so there’s no real reason for him to meet with Melinda in jail or elsewhere.

EJ spending too much time with Melinda will make people wonder what he’s up to and whether he had something to do with the baby switch.

We all know EJ and Nicole are headed for a split for the sake of drama (or at least, for the sake of putting Eric and Nicole back together), but can we at least not turn EJ into an idiot along the way?

Theresa Wants Brady - Days of Our Lives

Theresa wants to hook up with Brady.

Sure, she does. Getting Alex’s goat after he told her he wants to date her and Kristen simultaneously has nothing to do with it.

Theresa smirked that she’s going to get a guy on the side too, and now that’s what she’s planning on doing with Brady.

Brady should see through that. He has been clear in the past that he doesn’t want a romantic reunion with Theresa. 

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However, spoilers say that Alex catches the two in a compromising situation, so Brady may give in as quickly as he usually does to a woman’s advances.

Konstantin's Wedding Begins - Days of Our Lives

Maggie and Konstantin’s wedding begins, but who is trapping whom?

Maggie thinks the trap is set as her wedding to Konstantin begins. She’s planning on a derailed marriage ceremony and on exposing Konstantin for the snake he is during the ceremony.

I’m confused about her actual plan. First, she was going to have him work for Titan so she could catch him embezzling, and then she was going to frame him for it.

Now she’s unmasking him somehow during the wedding. Um, okay…

What if Konstantin is onto her and has a con of his own planned? He did want to kill Maggie during the honeymoon for her money so he could step it up.

Maggie Sets a Trap - Days of Our Lives

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