Did You Watch on Crunchyroll or Netflix? (POLL)

Netflix is going all in on One Piece.

Last year was a big year for the franchise, and with the 25th anniversary of the anime approaching this year, the streamer has announced it will air new episodes of One Piece alongside its current home on Crunchyroll.

Even though it skipped all the post timeskip episodes, including Wano, which concluded in 2023, Netflix is fully immersing itself in the concluding saga of One Piece as it looks to keep up with the weekly release of Egghead Island episodes on its platform.

Commencing with Chapter 1058 of the manga, the final saga of the second half of One Piece began on August 29th, 2022. The anime has taken a little over 16 months to catch up to this point, with the first episode of Egghead Island airing on January 7th, 2024.

“The stage is set for a new adventure on the Future Island of “Egghead,” according to Crunchyroll’s synopsis of the arc. “What awaits the Straw Hat Pirates when they finally meet the famous Dr. Vegapunk, the genius scientist of the Navy, and explore his research lab?”

The live-action One Piece made a huge splash on the Netflix seas upon arrival, and last month, it was announced a new anime adaptation of the manga is set to arrive on the platform as well from WIT Studios. Not to mention, a spin-off of Ryuma called Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation is set to arrive on January 21.

But now that the anime is available on two different platforms, which platform did you watch the new episode? Does the move to Netflix mean a new definitive home for the franchise in the future?

It’s hard to tell right now, even more so which platform does the anime more justice. In the poll below, let us know which platform you chose to watch this week’s episode of One Piece.

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