Ed Speleers Gives ‘You’ Season 5 Update: Will Rhys Return?

Everything’s coming full circle with Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley). You will return for its fifth and final season on Netflix with your favorite serial killer back in New York City for one last round of mayhem. But will Ed Speleers be back as Rhys Montrose, the devil on Joe’s shoulder and figment of his imagination?

“I would absolutely love a Rhys return,” Speleers tells TV Insider. “But as it stands, there’s nothing yet. If it ends up being Rhys isn’t involved, I feel very honored that I got so much from that and so much time to play because Rhys was a great part to play. Again, I’m privileged and grateful to Netflix for giving me that chance because it was a different way for me to work. But at the moment, no, I’ve not heard.”

Speleers first appeared as Rhys in You Season 4. The character was introduced as one of the London elite Joe found himself involved with when he moved across the pond. Joe and Rhys seemingly bonded over their troubled childhoods, but their friendship quickly took a turn.

Initially, viewers believed Rhys was a more masterful killer than Joe and was framing him for the “Eat the Rich” murders. However, You dropped a bombshell of a twist and revealed that Rhys was just the other side of Joe’s split personality. Joe was committing the murders and had never met Rhys. He became obsessed with the author/mayoral candidate and killed him. Joe started to hallucinate Rhys after that during his full-blown psychosis.

Joe thought he had killed his dark side (and Rhys, again) in the Season 4 finale when he moved back to the Big Apple. But in the finale’s last moments, Rhys could be seen in Joe’s reflection.

Over the course of You’s four seasons, Joe’s managed to finagle his way out of all of his trouble, leaving countless victims in his wake. Speleers weighs in on whether or not Joe should be taken down for good in the final season.

“I think he has to be,” the Outlander alum believes. “I think he has to be taken down. I don’t think he can have a happy finish, surely. He’s had his fun. He’s really gone to town a little bit, and I feel that’s what’s coming, surely. I don’t know, but I feel like he’s about to be taken down big time.”

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