Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Mama Bear

Deeds of the past always catch up with us, and the best we can hope is the good outweighs the bad.

This theory was tested when a former inmate firefighter returned to exact his vengeance on Sharon on Fire Country Season 1, Episode 11. While Vince learns of his brother’s betrayal, Manny finally admits to having money and gambling problems.

What sets Fire Country apart from other shows in the broadcast space is their particular way of telling the story. Currently, every show has fallen into the annoying “weekly problems” format, where every week, a new problem is introduced and solved by the end of the episode.

L - Bode Locks Someone - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11

Fire Country does this to some extent, but they don’t solve all their conflicts in one or two episodes like everyone else. They prioritize stories and solve those needing to be solved quickly but leave some open for later.

Thanks to this, we never lack something new or old to look forward to.

Bode Stance - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11

This was why Luke’s storyline was revisited in the episode. When it first happened on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 8, we were left confused about whether that was a new development or had been happening for a while.

It became clear that it was a one-time thing, and Sharon had not been cheating on her husband with his brother. She made a point of outing Luke subtly to Vince and shielded Vince from his brother’s betrayal by not telling him that it had happened.

Leone Brothers and their lack of boundaries…


Sometimes when going through a tough period in life, people act up. They act out of character, or they do things that are so bizarre that everyone notices them. A cry for help, if you may.

Kissing Sharon might have been Luke’s cry for help as he tried to explain it, but there is a fair chance that he harbored these feelings for a long time.

Mama Bear - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11

I have a feeling that even though he left town, we haven’t seen the last of him.

Luke is jealous of Vince. I mean. Vince has it all. He has a wife, a family, and a great job. He never seems appreciative of these things, showed by how he treated Bode after Riley’s death.

The Leones’ firefighter son makes them proud


To add insult to injury, they took his job — the one thing he had for himself.

All these things are bound to make him despise Vince and his family. And remember, he knows some secrets about Bode and the program. Given the right motivation, there is no telling what he might do with them.

Grudge Guy - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11

While we won’t be seeing him in the next couple of episodes, we haven’t seen the last of him.

Asking for help takes more courage than people are given credit for.

We watched Manny struggle with his gambling problem while trying to hide it from the people closest to him. Manny appears to be the kind of person used to doing everything himself, and he thought he might get out of trouble with a little effort.

Freddy: You know, your life could be a romance now that cap’s daughter is single.
Bode: Has anyone seen Cap?
Freddie: He’s in his office brooding. Dude has a serious case of mental problems.

Gambling is never advisable, but since people end up doing it anyway, some of the pointers people are given are to gamble what you can afford to lose, never gamble with your basic needs like money for food or rent, and finally, never gamble on loan or to pay one.

Gabie and Manny Embrace - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11

Manny had resulted in betting after horses, and his luck was never picking up. It would have been hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic. He was so far gone his crew had started doubting his abilities, Bode included.

His admitting that he needed help was a huge step in the right direction.

While everyone had deserted Bode, only his mother was on his side. Having someone messing with her life was understandably enraging.

Bode can be stupid, however. He does things in the heat of the moment, and while that might have helped him save a life, it might also do the opposite.

Jake Pulls Bode - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11

He was about to throw away his one chance by going after Owen, who was looking to provoke so that Sharon could go through the same thing his family went through when he was kicked out of the program.

Some people are naturally careless and will always need someone to help them add care to their lives. Bode is one such person.

You don’t even remember me?


Jake made a correct assessment of Gabriella, which helped make everything clear. A pattern seemed to emerge about her need to take traumatized people and try to heal them. While that may be considered noble in some quarters, she runs into a problem.

What happens when they are healed and don’t need her anymore? She moves on to the next person who might need her but ends up hurting many people.

Jake in White and Jeans - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11

One can assume that she met Jake after Riley when he was suffering. She stepped in, and now that he is thriving mentally and physically, she feels useless, hence Bode.

There were some hard-hitting truths in that statement, and they might characterize who Gabriella is.

Extra thoughts

  • The language used in the episode by Freddie and Bode wasn’t thrilling. It served to stigmatize mental health in Freddie’s case and misogyny in both cases,  Referring to grown women and children in the same sentence while trying to paint women as damsels in distress is a thin line between caring and misogyny.
Jake and Cara - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 11

  • Bode stared at the article and image, and it begs the question, who took that photo? It looks too good. Did they use a promo image for the newspaper?

  • Jake and Gabriella reached an amicable separation without hard feelings. Are they kidding themselves, or are they truly ready to move on? Jake and Cara had a vibe to them. Is this the beginning of something new?

Overall, this episode felt like a typical Fire Country episode which is neither good nor bad. It served everything we would expect from the show while not pushing the envelope on many fronts.

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