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Originally spawned from an Instagram post by a Roman historical reenactor, the trend of asking boyfriends and husbands how often they think of Rome may be making a comeback thanks to a new Saturday Night Live sketch.

In the musical sketch, guest host Jason Momoa, Mikey Day, and Kenan Thompson are all caught daydreaming by their significant others played by Ego Nwodim, Chloe Troast and Punkie Johnson. The women sing one side of the song — a plaintive ballad — while the men rap dressed as gladiators and patricians.

If you’ve longed for the day you could see Momoa rhyming about ancient Roman architecture to a hip hop beat, then congratulations on being a high school history teacher — that day has finally arrived. If you want to see Momoa getting slapped for rhyming about ancient Roman architecture, then congratulations on being his ex-girlfriend — and also, you’re getting what you want too.

SNL Thanksgiving Parade Bowen Yang and Ego Nwodim
Emma Stone

The song is no Lonely Island banger and the sketch missed the Rome trend by a couple of months, but it makes up for it. First, by Momoa’s sheer glee, which is apparent throughout the episode. You’d think after playing countless warriors, superheroes, and assorted badasses, that he’d be sick of playing dress-up. And yet, there he is, bouncing around in a helmet and furs with the joy of a five-year old at a Chuck E. Cheese.

Second, the sketch correctly observes that it’s not just grown men that think about weirdly specific and impractical things. Nwodim is concerned their son has inherited his father’s obsession with Rome, but it turns out kids have their own odd infatuations. This leads to the revelation of what women are thinking about all day — astrology. And it’s nice to know that we’re all equally weird, just in different ways.

Watch the full sketch above, and then grade this weekend’s episode of SNL:

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