Los Angeles Officials Indicate When Covid Mask Mandates Might Be Dropped

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer today outlined a framework for reducing Covid mitigation measures as the current Omicron surge falls. She warned however that, even after the surge, the threat level would still be considered “high” and numbers would need to come down further before restrictions are lifted.

“This is not the right time to stop wearing our masks indoors and in crowded outdoor settings,” said Ferrer.

She said the post-surge trigger for easing some restrictions would be when virus-related hospitalizations fall below 2,500 for seven straight days. Thee currently clock in at at 3,398 and falling.

Once that mark is reached, the county will no longer require masks at outdoor mega-events, such as sporting events and concerts, or in outdoor spaces at schools and child-care facilities.

Masks will however be required at indoor events, inside businesses and TK-12 schools, and some high risk settings. One would assume movie theaters and TV and film production would also be on that list.

The next reduction in mandated interventions would come when the county has two consecutive weeks at or below moderate transmission as defined by the CDC and “there are no emerging reports of significantly circulating new variants of concern that threaten vaccine effectiveness.”

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