Maggie Sajak & Vanna White Reveal Show Secrets Before Pat Sajak Retires

Wheel of Fortune social media correspondent Maggie Sajak has shared more behind-the-scenes secrets from the long-running game show, including what goes on behind the famous puzzle board.

As Pat Sajak is set to retire as host next Friday, June 7, the father-and-daughter duo have been sharing some never-before-seen glimpses of the iconic game show set, which includes what Pat keeps behind the puzzle board.

“So I’m behind the puzzle board, and look who I found!” Maggie says in a video posted to her Instagram page on Thursday (May 30). She turns the camera to her dad, who is standing beside various crew members working at computers and monitors.

“It looks like an election headquarters back there, all those TV screens and everything. I think I see some anchormen,” Pat quips.

“A lot of people were asking what behind the puzzle board is like, so we’re giving you a glimpse,” Maggie explains.

Pat adds, “Yeah, we can’t show you a lot because there are certain things that are highly classified.”

But one thing the legendary host does show is his secret stash of Fiji water. Maggie turns the camera to a table marked “Pat’s Water” as her dad says, “Show them my water stand here. Look, it says ‘Pat’s water’ right there, and… look, I’m almost through with this one.”

“They just gave me enough to last the rest of the season,” he jokes, gesturing to the five bottles.

In a separate video shared on the Wheel of Fortune Instagram page, Maggie checks in with Vanna White to see what she gets up to behind the puzzle board when the show isn’t filming.

“What do I do back here, besides crochet, briefly?” White says while showing off her table, which is filled with sheets of paper showing the upcoming puzzles. “I look at my puzzles.”

“And they always have little snacks back here,” she continues, holding up a box of nuts. “This is what I get. They used to bring cookies. They used to bring chips. They used to bring all the bad snacks and I used to eat them. And I said, ‘Do not bring them anymore!’”

However, while White now tries to stick to healthy backstage snacks, she does reveal a box of chocolates, adding, “I try not to eat it all, though.”

Earlier this season, Maggie gave fans a look at what the contestants see behind the wheel.

Viewers loved getting a glimpse behind the board and took to the comments section to share their reactions.

“Yes… more backstage clips behind the board… I’m gonna miss you Pat,” wrote one fan.

“Well it’s about time we saw behind the puzzle board! For years I always wondered what it was like back there!!!” said another.

“The water stand is the funniest part of this video, but what’s behind the puzzle board is very cool,” added another commenter.

“The director’s booth is behind the puzzle board? How could I have not known that. I thought they had a room for the director and the producers,” added another.

Another wrote, “I love some good healthy snacks and I love these behind the puzzleboard scenes this season!”

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