NCIS: Los Angeles: 11 Storylines We Need Resolved by Series’ Conclusion

It’s always been a tricky balance that enduring TV series must maintain.

Showrunners of such shows have to find a way to keep their program fresh without looking too far into a future that may not exist.

Another problem is that unfinished storylines pile up throughout the seasons.

Bounty Targets - NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles, the first and most successful NCIS spinoff, will conclude at the end of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 on May 14.

So let’s take a look at some of the loose ends that could stand to be tied up by the series wrap.

Bring back Hetty

Back in Black - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 18

The storyline that most fans want to see completed is the return of Hetty.

At best, the heart of the series has been mentioned in passing for much of the past three seasons.

She was last known to be in Syria on, of course, a secret mission. Callen and Sam heard her on recorded audio during the NCIS crossover, so she’s still alive. So let’s get her back already, maybe in time for another wedding.

Reveal Callen’s history

Mysterious Tail - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 12

A good chunk of this series has been Callen seeking the truth about his background.

He’s been hunting Pembrook, the man behind the Drona Project, for much of the last two seasons.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier for Hetty to come back and lay it all out for him? It’s not like he could resent her more than he does amid his current state of mind.

Sew up Body Stitchers

Hunting Body Stitchers - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 3

How about a big bad that is still on the loose? The Body Stitchers, who use body parts to create victims, were a gruesome late addition to the OSP’s rogues gallery.

When last seen, its leader, a rogue FBI agent, and his latest recruits were on the run, slipping away from NCIS and the FBI once again.

The BAU on Criminal Minds could take over the investigation, I suppose.

Give Kilbride another chance

Fugitive Wife - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 5

Although not high on many fans’ radar, Kilbride’s past will be examined on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 13, when his ex-wife and his estranged son will be introduced.

Kilbride has hinted at his regrets as a family man.

Hopefully, viewers will learn more about his background and whether he can repair those family ties then.

Capture Kensi’s stalker

Hunting Body Stitchers - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 3

How about giving new mom Kensi something to really worry about?

It’s time to bring back her stalker, David Kessler. He was introduced on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 5 and then has been mentioned once in passing since then.

It’s been a while since Kensi has given someone a beat-down with malice. So Kessler would be an ideal candidate.

Let Rountree speak out

Intelligence Officer Down - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 7

It wouldn’t be NCIS: Los Angeles without another social-justice warrior episode.

So how about examining how Rountree will follow up on being pulled over by racist cops on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 5?

Maybe he will go into politics or start a foundation to shine a spotlight on such police behavior.

Couple Fatima and Rountree

Murder and Stolen Missiles -- Tall - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 18

Also, Fatima and Rountree have been growing closer. Remember how she reacted when he was abducted during the crossover? After a few years of meddling in each other’s love lives, maybe they can become a couple before the series concludes.

Fortunately, fan-favorite recurring characters such as Sabatino and Lance Hamilton have been worked in throughout this season. Perhaps TPTB had some idea that the end was near.

The big question that needs to be answered is whether the OSP will be frozen in time or if it will be shuttered in a budget cut, allowing the characters to move on to other roles. Let’s assume the latter because it’s more fun to fantasize.

Let’s not forget that tech magnate Eric sent $10,000 checks to former teammates Deeks, Kensi, Sam, and Rountree. So they have a cushion to help with their transitions to other positions.

Callen and Anna’s wedding

Date Night - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 17

Let’s begin with the likely finale: Callen and Anna’s wedding.

It’s one more chance to see Arkady, although it’s unlikely that G’s father will be allowed back in the country. His sister and nephew could come, though. Also, it’s the perfect chance for cameos by Eric, Nell, and Nate. And, of course, Hetty must officiate.

Then Callen can move on to one of the many spook agencies. Anna sounds like she wants some distance from that life, however. Maybe she will become a PI. That’s like espionage without all the politics involved.

Sam’s transition

Hiding and Waiting - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 6

With Raymond likely to continue to deteriorate with his dementia, Sam needs a job with more regular hours.

Maybe he could become a SEAL instructor since he’s always been a teacher of younger agents.

A more regular schedule might also allow him to meet someone and move on from the ghost of Michelle.

Different directions

Identified Aircraft -- Tall - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 12

New foster parents Kensi and Deeks are heading in different directions. Kensi loves the action and will find some law-enforcement position.

Deeks has had one foot out the door forever.

Maybe he’ll become a crusading lawyer or turn to some sort of security work. It will be whichever allows him more time to be a dad.

Fatima’s crossroads

Preparing to Breach - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 11

Fatima is a tough call. With the way the TV industry is going, maybe her old TV show will get revived.

Otherwise, she’s likely to go for a law enforcement or espionage job. But based on her increasing involvement with Islam, her life may take a different turn altogether.

Wherever they all end up, let’s not rule out Paramount+ executives sniffing around for a revival in a couple or three years.

NCIS: Los Angeles returns from its holiday hiatus at 10/9c on Sunday, Feb. 19, on CBS, and you can watch NCIS: LA online via TV Fanatic.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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