Nell Jackson & More of TV’s Toughest Ladies

TV’s newest hero has arrived. Louisa Harland storms onto the scene in Disney+‘s Renegade Nell, which premiered with all eight episodes on Friday, March 29. Nell is a badass fighter who, thanks to a mystical fairy spirit, gets possessed with super strength whenever danger’s near.

Nell goes on the run when she’s framed for a murder she didn’t commit, and she brings her young sisters and new ally, Rasselas (Ényì Okoronkwo) with her. But her fight for revenge isn’t all righteous. The hotheaded and independent renegade commits highway robberies on her road to justice, and the magical Billy Blind (Ted Lasso‘s Nick Mohammed) won’t activate her powers if she’s the one who starts a fight.

The 18th century fantasy series is an exciting action-adventure tale, and with her refusal to conform so gender and social norms, Nell is bound to inspire some young viewers. Now that Nell has arrived, here are some of our favorite badass ladies we’ve seen on the small screen, including some anti-heroes.

Renegade Nell, Season 1 Available now, Disney+

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