[PHOTOS] 15 TV Controversies and Their Reactions — Angry Fans

As fans of the medium know, getting all riled up over our favorite TV shows can be quite a joyous affair… most of the time.

However, fandoms sometimes feel the urge to bite back, and occasionally, their uproar is justified. Today, we’re highlighting 15 scenarios where utter disappointment led to full-on fury. Boisterous, pitchfork-worthy fury.

Whether revolting over the death of their favorite characters, stewing in their wasted time thanks to terrible series closers or mourning an unjust cancellation, fans throughout the years have been known to get vocal about their many beefs with our beloved television.

This list includes highly controversial moments from shows like Game of Thrones, Veronica Mars, Jericho and Dexter, among others — not merely storylines/cast exits that some fans disagreed with. So relive some of TV’s biggest controversies and their most extreme reactions. Then, you know what to do: Hit that comments section and tell us which TV happenings have gotten you all hot and bothered!

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