Ranking ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Seasons, From Worst to Best

For every year of the past decade or so, we’ve braced ourselves for the possibility that the current Grey’s Anatomy season will be the series’ final. And this year, that possibility could be more probable than ever, considering Ellen Pompeo seems halfway out the door.

We can’t blame the actress, of course: Even diehard fans have to admit that Grey’s isn’t at the top of its narrative game. We’ll always tune in to ABC on Thursday nights for more Grey Sloan Memorial drama, but also wax nostalgic for the show’s Seattle Grace Hospital era. With this current 19th season potentially being Grey’s Anatomy’s final season, here’s how we’d rank the other 18, from worst to best.

Grey’s Anatomy, Winter Premiere, Thursday, February 23, 9/8c, ABC

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