Season 2, Episode 10 — Carrie and Aidan – TVLine

Season 2, Episode 10 — Carrie and Aidan – TVLine

Season 2, Episode 10 — Carrie and Aidan – TVLine

Carrie and Aidan’s rekindled romance has been going smoothly on And Just Like That…, but it may have just hit a serious speed bump.

Thursday’s episode finds the two lovebirds strolling along the Coney Island boardwalk — Carrie’s never been! — and checking out Steve’s new food booth, where he’ll be serving up hot dogs and clams. It’s nice to see old pals Steve and Aidan yukking it up together, but that’s interrupted when Aidan gets an urgent call from his son Wyatt, who complains: “Mom’s being a real dick.” Carrie gets good news, though: She won a raffle at Charlotte’s kids’ school and gets a private dinner served at her home by a Michelin-starred chef. She could make it a housewarming at her new place, but instead, she decides to make it a farewell to her old apartment. (“The last supper,” Lisa dubs it.)

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 9 Miranda

Carrie tells Aidan she’ll leave a seat open for him at the dinner, but he stands firm: He’s not setting foot in that apartment again. (Jeez, not even for one luxurious meal?) But he opens up once they’re in bed at the hotel, saying he made mistakes in their past relationship, too, trying to lock her down and losing her in the process. He admits he didn’t want to go into her apartment because “I was afraid I’d get mad at you all over again.” That was a mistake, he sees now — but their sweet moment is cut short when he gets a frantic call from Kathy. Wyatt broke his collarbone crashing Aidan’s truck into a tree… and he’s only 14. Yikes. Aidan has to fly home right away.

Once he’s back in Virginia, Aidan calls Carrie with an update: Wyatt’s leg is broken in two places, too. He got into a fight with his mom, hitchhiked home and then drank some beers before getting behind the wheel of his dad’s truck. Aidan breaks down into sobs, blaming himself: “I should’ve been there.” Uh-oh… so does this mean Aidan might not want to move in with Carrie after all? Are Aidan’s family issues going to be the thing that splits them apart this time?

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 10 Miranda

Miranda has plenty of issues of her own: Work is going great at Human Rights Watch, but she’s wary when Carrie brings up Steve’s new food booth and Che’s upcoming stand-up comedy set, accusing her of doing “a tour of my exes.” When Nya says she wishes she could cut off her exes “cold turkey” like Miranda does, though, it knocks the wind out of her. Does she really do that? (Well, yeah, kinda.) So Miranda decides to go to Che’s stand-up set as a sign of support, telling Carrie: “I can’t treat Che the way I treated Skipper.” (Whoa! Now that’s a blast from the past!)

But that sign of support quickly goes south when Che airs all of their dirty laundry with Miranda in their stand-up set, calling their hookup “not so much a f–k as a mind f–k” and concluding: “She was confused about everything, and I was confused about why I was f–king her.” Miranda leaves the comedy club in tears, and is even more hurt when Che refers to their relationship as “a bad thing” that happened. After that, Miranda doesn’t even want to come to Carrie’s dinner, since Steve and Che will both be there, but Carrie guilts her into it anyway. We’ll have to wait for next week’s season finale to see how that all plays out.

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 10 Charlotte

Plus, can we just say how much we love drunk Charlotte? She’s killing it at work, selling a painting to musician Sam Smith, and her co-workers take her out for a drink afterwards, even while she’s dodging calls and texts from her kids. After a few shots, Charlotte lets loose, yelling at her phone when it dings (“Stop texting me!”) and throwing it into a margarita blender. She eventually stumbles home drunk and giggling, telling Harry and the kids that “I was a person before you!” before collapsing into bed. We fully support you on this journey, Charlotte.

Elsewhere this week: Carrie told Anthony that Stanford wrote her telling her he’s staying in Japan and becoming a Shinto monk (more on that here); Lisa felt overwhelmed by her new PBS project and a baby on the way, but that suddenly changed when she told Herbert she’s bleeding, meaning her pregnancy had ended; Anthony refused to be, um, the receiver in his bedroom action with Giuseppe; Carrie sold her old apartment to her cool young neighbor Lisette for way below market value; Nya bought her ex Andre and the hat girl an expensive baby stroller out of spite; Che bounced back from Miranda with that bald girl Toby, who showed up at their stand-up set; and is Carrie keeping that cute kitten? We sure hope so. She has plenty of room in her new place — and now maybe more than she wanted.

Got thoughts on this week’s episode? Predictions for next week’s finale? Grab a cocktail and join us in the comments.

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