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Nine episodes and seven (on-screen) years since Fear the Walking Dead viewers got a glimpse of Charlie, Sunday’s “Iron Tiger” finally revealed her fate. Read on for all the gory details.

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’I KILLED YOUR SON’ | Early on in the hour, when Madison, Strand and Daniel stopped at a PADRE way station to pick up fuel for their fight with Troy, they reconnected with Luciana, who it turned out had gotten her father figure’s life spared by Shrike and Crane in exchange for her refining oil for the now-deceased baddies. In the years that Lucy had been apart from the group, she had picked up the altruistic work that Polar Bear had started so long before. Helping her every step of the way had been — surprise — Charlie, who was alive and well, her radiation poisoning having been cured at PADRE.

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Madison was delighted… until she found out that it was Charlie who had fatally shot Nick. Then she went all feral on the girl, guilting her into infiltrating Troy’s ranks and taking him out. “You took the stadium from me. You took my son from me,” Madison noted. “This is the least you can do.” Of course, this being Fear the Walking Dead, where characters change their minds every two seconds, Madison regretted sending Charlie on a suicide mission when she found a coffee can of Nick’s cremated remains. Lucy and Charlie had thought he deserved a better place to be buried than en route to a cache of weapons and knew that Madison would be the right person to pick the spot.

‘NOW YOU’RE GONNA KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE WONDERING WHERE YOUR KID IS’ | Unfortunately, by the time Madison did her about-face, Charlie was in Troy’s clutches, he knew that she was in cahoots with Alicia’s mom, and he was offering to spare his prisoner’s life in exchange for the location of PADRE. The teenager bought some time by telling Troy that there was a map to all of PADRE’s fuel-pickup sites in the tanker full of oil that she’d intended to use to buy her access to his hotel HQ. But not much time: The tanker immediately blew up. As Troy took off to take care of that situation…

Charlie stabbed a guard and, over the ubiquitous walkie-talkie, pleaded with Madison not to cave to Troy’s demand. “You wont have to give him PADRE if he doesn’t have anything to trade,” Charlie said before committing suicide. While Daniel threatened to throttle Troy, he learned that his daughter Tracy was MIA in the truck blast. Who was her mother? The woman who’d rescued Troy and saved him from the dam disaster, he told Madison as she alternately saved him from a walker and hindered his search. In the end, Daniel was so mad about Charlie that he dumped Madison to stay with Lucy. Madison, in turn, bailed on the fight with Troy, telling Strand he’d have to lead the battle himself. (Presumably, she was off to find and dispatch a reanimated Alicia.)

Your thoughts on “Iron Tiger”? Charlie’s death? The rapidity of Madison’s flip-flopping? Comment away.

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