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The Amazing Race is hitting India, but before the teams get too excited, it’s time to throw a wrench into the game in the form of that looming U-Turn.

At the top of Leg 6, the duos are required to cast their votes for which team they’d like to saddle with the U-Turn. After carefully considering options and strategies, Liam and Yeremi (as well as Morgan and Lena) cast their vote for Robbin and Chelsea, while Greg and John pick Steve and Anna Leigh, who have two first place finishes under their belt. In an effort to keep us in suspense, we don’t get the rest of the results… yet.

The leg kicks off in Jaipur, India, where the teams must eyeball their next clue in the windows of the Instagram-worthy Hawa Mahal. After finding some clues and working through a rickshaw puzzle, teams head to a spice shop and that’s where the hammer drops on one very unlucky duo: Steve and Anna Leigh.

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Anna Leigh is more than peeved to learn that they’re the ones being U-Turned. In addition to Greg and John, Robbin and Chelsea, Rob and Corey, Andrea and Malaina, and Joel and Garrett also voted for the daddy/daughter duo. Robbin and Chealsea got lucky, as they received the other four votes, just one less than Steve and Anna Leigh.

The two detours are as follows. In “Bundles,” teams must bundle up a variety of local flowers and deliver them to two different temples. In “Bricks,” teams will pick up bricks, sand and gravel, and bike the materials to a construction site in need. After both tasks, the players will have to return their delivery receipts to get their next clue.

Steve and Anna Leigh keep cool heads and finish “Bundles” before most of the teams even arrive to the detour. But — and this is a biggie — they neglect to return to the market to hand in their receipt. Instead, they travel all the way to the second detour location before they’re told to return to the market. So much lost time! So much unnecessary stress.

Anna Leigh’s convinced they’re done for, but hey, stranger things have happened on the Race. Working in their favor is a whole lotta rickshaw drama! Both Liam and Yeremi, and Robbin and Chelsea experience some serious transportation issues, giving Steve and Anna Leigh a fighting chance at survival.

While most of the teams continue to struggle with their detour, Greg and John finish the leg’s textile printing road block and jet off to the pit stop, where they solidify their first win. The U-Turn doesn’t knock Steve and Anna Leigh out entirely, but it does knock them down to seventh place. As for the formerly estranged brothers Liam and Yeremi, they unfortunately arrive last and are eliminated from the competition.

Did the racers U-Turn the right team or should they have targeted another pair? Let us know by dropping a comment!

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