‘The Bear’ Cast Seals Emmy Win With Shocking Kiss

The Bear won big at this year’s Emmys, sweeping major awards in comedy categories including Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor, and Lead Actor.

The wins for Ayo Edebiri, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Jeremy Allen White were capped off with an overall Outstanding Comedy Series win for the FX streaming series leading to one of the awards show’s most shocking moments of the night. Taking the lead at the mic as the cast and crew ascended the Emmys stage, real-life chef, consulting producer, and star Matty Matheson began the acceptance speech by thanking restaurants until Moss-Bachrach had other plans.

“What’s good?” Matheson said, greeting the audience before going on to add, “Yeah, I just want to thank restaurants as a whole hospitality…” Cut off by Moss-Bachrach, the actor known for playing Cousin Richie planted a lengthy smooch on Matheson’s mouth, shocking their costars and the audience alike.

The excitement was palpable, as Matheson resumed the group acceptance speech, saying, ” I love you, Ebon. I just love restaurants. The good, the bad, it’s rough. We’re all broken inside and every single day we’ve gotta show up and cook and make people feel good by eating something and sitting at a table and it’s really beautiful. And all of us here get to make a show together, and we get to make people feel good,” Matheson continued, tacking on, “or filled with anxiety or triggered it seems.”

The comment sparked laughter in the audience as Matheson continued to say, “But, this is really amazing. It’s beautiful. The cast and crew, there are so many people that make this show happen every single day and it’s really beautiful. It’s hard work. it’s early hours. We don’t see the sun for three months. We shoot on a sound stage. It’s really cool, I’ve never been on one before. I’ve never acted before. I love all these people so much. I love my family!”

The speech then descended into a little chaos as other voices began to chime in, but it was the kiss that really made the win memorable. When the cast got into the press room to answer reporter questions, Matheson told journalists of the kiss, “It was nice.”

“It was nice, Moss-Bachrach echoed, adding, “It was a blur, I had my eyes closed. I think Matty had his eyes closed too… Time stopped, I don’t know how many years went by.” According to Matheson’s silly response, the kiss was so long the next chapter of the show has arrived. “Here we are now, Season 3,” Matheson joked.

Now that you know the cast reaction to the kiss, see some fan reactions, below, and let us know what you thought of the shocking acceptance speech in the comments section.

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