‘The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson’ Reveals O.J.’s Homophobia & 7 More Shocking Revelations

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson Episodes 1 & 2.]

Lifetime is pulling the curtain back on The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson in the two-night docuseries event, making way for some shocking revelations and a clearer picture of the tragic individual through first-account interviews and more.

Featuring commentary from Nicole Brown Simpson‘s sisters and closest friends, the four-episode docuseries reveals a new side of the O.J. Simpson murder trial that rocked the world in the mid-’90s. Below, we’re breaking down the most interesting tidbits from the series so far (we’ll update as the final two installments arrive on Lifetime beginning Sunday, June 2).

First Date Red Flag

In the premiere episode, Nicole’s former roommate Don LeBon recalls the evening she and O.J. Simpson had their first date. LeBon remembers seeing Nicole walk in with her jean zipper ripped apart, rasing concern from him, but LeBon noted that Nicole brushed the situation off, claiming it was no big deal. This was the first hint at what would become a pattern of abusive interactions between the couple later on.

O.J’s Transformation

Tanya, Dominique, and Denise Brown for 'The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson'


An interview with Veredata Jones, the sister of O.J.’s first wife Marguerite, revealed that the former couple’s relationship had started when they were in high school, but ultimately transformed as O.J. got famous. Veredata remembers her sister being upset by his change of character and suffered abuse at the hands of the former athlete as their marriage unraveled.

Phone Calls

O.J. would also supposedly call Nicole’s mother when they got into arguments, complaining about Nicole directly to her family. But as anyone in the Brown family showed concern, Nicole’s sisters claim she’d try to deflect from the situation.

Pressure During Pregnancy

Nicole’s sister Denise highlighted the fact that O.J. would make remarks about Nicole’s weight while she was pregnant, and another family friend, D’Anne Purcilly corroborated his strange behavior during her pregnancy as she noted O.J. didn’t want Nicole to have a natural childbirth nor breastfeed to maintain her body. It put Nicole in competition with herself to try and maintain the body he’d become accustomed to.


When Nicole suspected O.J. of cheating, Denise remembers helping her sister drive around to potential mistresses’ homes to uncover the mysteries O.J. might have been keeping from Nicole.

O.J.’s Homophobia

Family and friends also recalled an occassion during a family trip to Hawaii in 1988 where Nicole allowed a gay man to kiss her son Justin and O.J. got visibly angry and verbally abusive over it. When Nicole pointed out that O.J.’s father was gay, Denise says Nicole appeared the next day wearing a long-sleeve shirt, suggesting she’d paid for the remark with physical abuse.

Christmas Competition With Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner spoke about her fast friendship with Nicole as she revealed that they would compete when it came to decorating their homes for Christmas.

Money Hangup

When it came to O.J., Nicole only spoke badly of him when he refused to provide financially for his children, according to her friends and family.

Knives Out

D’Anne also brought up a conversation where Nicole expressed her fear of knives, and how O.J. had a collection of them. Ultimately, Nicole died after being slashed by a knife, which means her biggest fear became her reality.

Stay tuned for more interesting facts from the ongoing docuseries and let us know what information surprised you the most in the comments section, below.

The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, Returns Sunday, June 2, 8/7c, Lifetime

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