Chatter 365 – The New App Developed To Stay In Touch With Community, Friends, Family and Businesses During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Chatter 365 is a new, FREE messaging and calendaring app developed to help people connect more effectively especially during this time of crisis.

Chatter 365 is safer than other messaging apps because it can utilize artificial intelligence to block trolling behavior so that you can have a healthier messaging experience.

Chatter 365 effectively eliminates the language barrier between people by translating your messages into the recipient’s language, real-time, so now all people can communicate.

Chatter 365 includes full calendaring so people can create and share events with others easily.

Chatter 365 brings peace of mind to families and friends, allowing you to share your location and status with your loved ones when you want to.

How is Chatter 365 helping the community during the Covid-19 crisis?

Chatter 365 believes that the only way that the human race can get through this crisis is together. That is why Chatter 365 has implemented some new features, and will continuously release new features specific to the current moment, to help communities and individuals. #CovidKindness

Keeping people connected with their loved ones
Communication is very important in these isolating times, and Chatter 365 is a creative way to stay connected with family and friends while social distancing. Chatter 365 allows you to share your location with individuals, as well as broadcast alerts to your network when you need help and know immediately if a loved one is in need.

Helping Small businesses
During this time of crisis small businesses are hit hard. For a limited time, Chatter 365 is allowing businesses to post local deals in the app to stay connected with their customers and community for FREE! Businesses can post coupons, deals, details about when they are open, what services they are providing and broadcast updates to their community.

Spreading the word
Chatter 365 is great for communities to communicate about resources and challenges during this time of crisis. Chatter 365 groups enables people affected by the crisis to communicate on topics of interest regardless if they speak the same language. Small business owners can find out about financial programs they qualify for and talk to other people in their same situation. Workers that have had their hours cut, been furloughed or laid off can talk to other workers about benefits available to them. Communities can discuss where to find toilet paper and other topics of interest.

Connecting communities to “at-risk” individuals
Chatter 365 enables individuals to ask their friends and friends of friends for help and allows good Samaritans to lend a hand.

Creating a knowledge share for communities
In the age of the internet, we are not lacking in information, quite the opposite, we are inundated with it. Unfortunately, the information you need is often widely dispersed and hard to find. Chatter 365 has created community maps where people find and share information in their community. Coronavirus maps will help you to find coronavirus testing sites near you, see people in your network in need, see or share suspected or diagnosed coronavirus cases in your area, find meal delivery or takeout, food pantries and much more.

Keeping stay at home workers connected
Chatter 365 is a perfect way for colleagues to stay in touch remotely. Chatter is different because it allows you to create events, share calendars, control content, and communicate with work associates… in any language! Now diverse teams from around the globe can communicate and coordinate easily!

Download the Chatter 365 app today and stay in touch:

About the company

Chatter 365 was developed by Thompson Technology Solutions, LLC (TTS) in 2019. TTS is a woman owned, Southern California startup, with offices in Simi Valley, CA, Palm Springs, CA and Chicago, IL.

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