Levent Geiger – Lost (Live) | Vevo DSCVR

Levent Geiger – Lost (Live) | Vevo DSCVR

Levent Geiger – Lost (Live) | Vevo DSCVR

Sometimes music is just part of your DNA. “There are old video recordings of me where I was singing and dancing in a diaper as a one-year-old,” says Levent Geiger, our latest DSCVR artist. The German-born, world-traveling polyglot spent his childhood leveling up at various instruments and skills. Piano. Sax. Guitar. By the time he was a teen, this voracious musician had won singing competitions and toured as part of a classical piano duo. Now in his late teens, it’s pretty clear young Mr. Geiger is the full pop package. Last year’s “Bad Days” showed the charming songwriter-producer has a sharp ear for those glimmering beats that masses love to eat up. More recent track “2 Dumb Kids” bottles up the infinite feelings of being a carefree teen. And check his TikTok. Dude has a funny side, not to mention a natural self-promoter. “When I started, Charlie Puth was a huge inspiration,” he told us. The similarities are easily apparent. He definitely charmed us in our studio when we captured “2 Dumb Kids” and latest track “Lost.” Likability on 1000%.

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Vevo Executive Producer: Nick Calafato
Vevo Senior Producer: Yomi Ogunsola
Vevo Production Coordinator: Nancy Loud
Vevo Music & Talent: Anna Allertz
Vevo Editorial Manager: Jaqueline Lockinger
Vevo Senior Editor Helena Duque
Vevo Post-Production Coordinator: Scott Robson
Vevo Design Lead: Charlee Twigg
Director: Jim Wilmot
Assistant Director: Nancy Loud
Director of Photography: Stephen Dunn
Steadicam Op: Austin Philips
1st AC / Focus Puller: Jim Mclean
2nd AC / Loader: Esther Edusi
Gaffer: Giovanni Mattei
Light Operator: Ben Mansfield
Stills: Johnny Fonseca
Sound Engineer: Chris Parker
Sound Assistant: Alex Lewis
Runner: Elizabeth Playle

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