Alyssa Scott Asks for “Delivery Energy” for Baby With Nick Cannon

Alyssa Scott is ready for her little one to arrive.

The model, who is expecting a baby with Nick Cannon, took to her Instagram Stories Dec. 9 to give an update on her pregnancy and her efforts to induce labor.

“Well, quick bumpdate—still pregnant,” Alyssa explained. “I cannot believe it.”

Alyssa noted that she recently got a membrane sweep—something that helped before during her pregnancy with her now 4-year-old daughter Zeela.

“I got swept a few days ago thinking that would get things going, but it didn’t,” she continued. “It worked really well with Zeela. I had her that night but here we are.” Alyssa joked of her expectant newborn, “This is gonna be a big baby.”

Now Alyssa is looking towards other methods and good vibes from viewers to help get the process going. She added, “I’ve officially been pregnant all year. Send me some delivery energy guys.”

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