Why Christopher Meloni “Loved” Stabler’s Declaration of Love to Benson on Law & Order

“The core of the show has been our relationship, thus far,” he shared. “Even though we aren’t on camera a great deal together, there’s something about leading up to our scenes that becomes so compelling I think for the audience and for us.”

As he continued, Dylan revealed it’s the psychology of a character that compels him to take on roles. In fact, the American Horror Story alum noted that he spoke to his therapist about his criminal character.

“We were just talking, kind of breaking down a few elements,” he explained. “I think that the psychology of both men is really fascinating.”

He later quipped to his co-star that his therapist is a big fan. “I’ll sign an autograph before I leave,” the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit alum responded to a laughing Dylan.

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