American Amnesia: “Yet Here We Are” by Eileen Shapiro

American Amnesia is a teen alt-rock trio striving to do music beyond unique. They have just released their debut album entitled “Yet Here We Are,” an intriguing masterpiece and musically sophisticated collection of tracks.

Based in Connecticut, the trio ranges from ages 16 to 19 including: Sam Cesnak on drums, Gus Pac on bass and Patrick Nemaizer on lead vocals and guitar. The band already has an identifiable sound and energy, with complicated harmonies, and signature hooks. Patrick has a specific and notable voice. Their songs are incredibly mature both lyrically and instrumentally, far beyond their age. The 11 track album is bound to make some waves in the music community.

I spoke with Patrick and Sam regarding their music, their influences and their plans for future success, which no doubt they will receive….

How did the band originate?

Sam: Basically I had a friend in high school who called me about Patrick. We met up one day and jammed and it just kind of worked. I brought in one of my friends to play bass, and we’ve been together for a couple of years now.

Patrick: I met Sam through one of my friends. We were all kind of music people, jamming and having fun. Then eventually this turned into me and Sam and we started the whole band and everything. We started out just as friends in high school.

Who writes the music?

Patrick: Me and Sam work out the instrumental parts I pretty much write the lyrics.

Where do you want your music to be in five years?

Patrick: I personally want to change things and create something new. I don’t want do anything that’s been done before, which I don’t think with this first album I succeeded in doing that yet. I don’t really feel like I’ve come into my own yet, but that’s my goal. I want to make something fresh and new that no one’s ever heard.

Is there a favorite song that you enjoy playing live?

Sam: My favorite song to play is “Stars of Orion.” It’s just fun for me to play.

Patrick: My favorite song is probably “How Come?” It’s a good song and it’s not too hard to sing. I don’t have to try that hard.

Patrick, when did you decide you could sing?

Patrick: I started singing last August I think. I didn’t really want to sing, and then I just started doing it, and I said , “Yeah.”

Who inspired your music?

Patrick: For me when I was younger I was really into Led Zeppelin. Then as I got older I got into Alice In Chains and Tool. Then I got into Hip-Hop, like Kendrick Lamar. I like a lot of different things, but those are the really big ones. Then of course Ed Sheehan, and 21 Pilots. But I like all different groups.

Sam: I just like Metallica and Crazy metal bands. A lot of Tool and Alice In Chains.

What does it for you when you play live?

Patrick: It’s just like a cool feeling. You feel like you’re kind of fighting a battle or something. When I was a kid I always felt like it was a pretty boring time to be alive. We were too old to explore the world, like conquer things. And we were too young to explore the universe, so when you’re playing live you can kind of pretend you’re a medieval knight.

Sam: I just like the energy of it. It’s just really cool to play in front of anybody, whether it’s one person or 500, I love it.

I know that you just put out an album, but are you working on any new projects?

Patrick: I’ve been working on a bunch of new things. We are probably going to record them soon. I have a lot of wordy ideas, like stories and things like that, but I haven’t really worked out the music for it. I know what I want to write about.

Sam: I have a couple of songs. I don’t really write a lot of music with this band. Usually Patrick will show me an idea. I have a couple of songs for this album.

If you could say anything to your followers and your fans or fans to be, what would you want them to know?

Patrick: I’d want them to know that you guys are really cool for understanding us. If you are going to like our band you’re probably going to like it because you understand what it’s about, and what we’re talking about, hopefully. Some people might get the wrong idea but it’s very cool that you guys are really dope.


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