What are the Top Components of a Dirt Bike?

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Dirt bike enthusiasts can attest to the thrill and adventure that they get from riding their bike. Having to hit that off-road trail and reach dazzling speeds can be extremely exciting, especially if you love exhilaration and nature. Owning such a bike, however, is not just about the riding and adventure, you have to take care of it. If you want to keep your bike in top-notch condition, you need to find top-of-the-range equipment and ensure you service them regularly. You can find such at TokyoMods. Here are some top components you should never ignore.

The Controls

You must ensure that your controls are always in the best of conditions. They not only ensure a good riding experience but also keep you safe. Bike accidents can get ugly, so you ought to protect yourself, and one of the best ways is to have perfect controls. Controls include grips, levers, handlebars, and levers among others. When your hands and feet are comfortably placed, you get a safe and more exhilarating riding experience. You also get to do more daring moves that you would never dare without good controls, and you get to do them safely.

Auxiliary Fuel Tank

It would be a bad experience to run out of fuel when you are out there in the wild. You would never expect to find a gas station in the middle of a desert, so you need to carry some extra reserve fuel just in case. Instead of having to suffer the arduous journey of pushing your bike all the way back to civilization to find help, why not just have an auxiliary fuel tank. It would go a long way to save you such trouble. Much as you need to plan your rides and know the range of your bike, some rides become super exciting that you find yourself going further. So get this tank just in case.

Handlebar Plugs

Handle plugs might at first seem inconsequential, but they are vital to your bike’s state and your riding experience. These plugs cover the open ends on your handlebars that allow water and dirt to enter leading to corrosion over time. You may not take notice at first, but the corrosion can cost you your bike or even your life if the handlebar breaks while you ride the bike. So, instead of putting yourself in danger, or waiting to incur the cost of repairing broken handlebars, just get the plugs and seal those holes.

Skid Plates

Your engine is the heart of your bike. Without a functioning one, then you do not have a bike. Engines are exposed to dirt and stones when riding, and could easily get damaged if not protected effectively. The undercover that comes with most bikes might not be as effective at protecting your engine, especially if you plan on hitting more rough and exciting terrains. You can invest in some quality skid plates to give that extra protection to your engine and have it last longer.

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