Matt Davis – New Music From A Soon To Be Pop Superstar “Life” by Jimmy Star

Matt Davis is one of the coolest and most talented up and coming artists on the Pop/Singer/Songwriter music scene in a very long time. Charming, great looking and incredibly talented with a smooth velvety voice, his new EP “Life” is sure to please music aficionado’s around the world. I spoke to Matt about his new music, influences and the upcoming year.

You have had an incredible 2017, releasing your EP “Life” which I might say is an amazing first release from a new artist. What can we expect from you in 2018?

In 2018 i’m going to be working on my debut album. Posting covers and original songs on Youtube and Instagram, @MattDavisSoudns. Playing gigs around NYC and am going to be looking to write a lot of new songs for myself and other artists, put together a great management team and open for some popular current artists on tour.

Your single “Head Over Heels” is one of the best pop songs I have heard in a long time, what is the song about and what inspired it?

Thank you, this song is really special to me. I had been listening to a lot of jazz standard love songs and it made me fall in love with the fantasy of love. Not dangerous heart breaking love, something gentle and pure. Falling head over heels with someone that fits like a glove. I started daydreaming about that idea and it inspired me to write “Head Over Heels.”

You have a very popular youtube page, and there is a short clip for a song called “Peppermint” that has almost 500,000 views. The song is very catchy and fun, are you planning on releasing it?

Yes I am planning on releasing this song “Peppermint.” I just recorded a demo of this song and it is currently being looked at by industry.

I know you are a west coast transplant, do you find NYC to be a good place for you to be creatively when working on your music?

I find that NYC is the place where I have experiences that inspire my writing. Although it is inspiring to live here because of the music, bars, art and people there is something special about visiting home that gets the words out of me. I feel really blessed to be able to be in NYC the center of the universe. I remember one night being in time square at 4am, so there was hardly anyone there, with a cutie I met at this typically eccentric NYC bar and having this unreal night that seemed like a scene from a movie. It inspired a song I wrote that is going to be on my album i’m working on. Nothing ended up happening long term with this person romantically but it’s the memories that are so important to me. Other than being fascinated by the fantasy of love I am fascinated by the power of beautiful moments. Even if they’re not significant to my future or past they leave a mark that influences my flow of energy and my writing.

How long have you been singing and writing music?

I’ve been singing since I was in kindergarten and have been writing songs since I was twelve years old.

Do you have a favorite song on your EP?

My favorite song off my EP is “Life.” The lyrics in this song still help me through hard times in my life where I feel taken advantage of or lost in the “labyrinth of suffering.” Just read “Looking For Alaska” by John Green and he talks about how we can get lost in our labyrinth of suffering and we can choose to get consumed in it and lose ourselves or we can keep looking for “the great perhaps” and find a solution to every outcome that happens in our labyrinth. This message is very similar to the message in my song “Life.”

You have been blessed with a great vocal talent and you are incredibly good looking, any interest in pursuing television and film roles as well as singing?

I have always loved acting. When I was living in Los Angeles I took acting classes and would periodically audition for TV/Film and booked a few gigs. When I moved to NYC I solely focusing on music and stopped auditioning but I do miss it. I would love to do some acting for TV/Film.

If you could open for any popular artist today, who would you choose?

I would love to open for Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Sam Smith, Troy Sivan or Ariana Grande.

If you could make a record of the soundtrack of your life, what songs would be on it?

“The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson because i’m addicted to dancing.

“Hey Jude” by The Beatles because it reminds me to not conform to a world that doesn’t fit my personality.

“Stop This Train” by John Mayer because I fear the speed of time. I see time as the most generous thief.

“Blessed” by Daniel Caesar because it reminded me that my family is everything and how blessed I am to have gotten them when dropped into the bucket of chance. And no matter what happens we will always need and love each other.

“Love On Top” by Beyonce because this is the song I sing way to loud in the shower.

“Who’d Have Known” by Lilly Allen because this song reminds me of the young silly love in my life. I don’t think you have to be a teenager to experience “young silly love.” I think we experience it at every age and these moments have made such a beautiful mark in my life.

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