Heidi Osborne: “Nomad” by Eileen Shapiro

Just released from pop-country artist Heidi Osborne is her new EP entitled “Nomad”. With a style of music unlike any I have heard, Heidi has gotten her inspiration from the places that she’s traveled. Her music is captivating and authentic and uniquely her own. It’s difficult to place in a genre because it’s flavored with many musical influences and quite eclectic.

“Nomads is the musical baby born from the inspiration of my travels. I get so inspired by music from other cultures, and the way they do life. Songs are my favorite way to share stories and triumphs of the journey, and in Nomad you’ll hear hints of Afrobeats as it was recorded in Cape Town South Africa”…. the artist

I spoke with Heidi regarding her music and her journey….

What do you consider your style of music?

It is a hard genre to pin down but it’s kind of a cross between musicals, I get really excited by musicals and story- telling, and indie pop.

When did you start writing music?

Since I could talk basically. Ever since I couldn’t talk I was singing at the top of my lungs in the car about bikes, tractors and whatever we would pass by. Then I really started writing songs over the past five years since I started traveling. I found a lot of inspiration over that time. Music was my way of processing everything that was happening and telling stories of things that was going on abroad.

So you are influenced from your travels?

Usually it’s something that I’ve experienced or gone through, or I’ve heard somebody talk about. Some of them are stories about other people I’ve met in other countries or the way that they live. Some are experiences that I’ve had on the road or lessons that I’ve learned.

What to you is the most interesting country or place that you’ve journeyed to?

Most recent was South Africa. I was just in Cape Town for three months and that’s where I recorded this EP., in a studio out there. It was absolutely beautiful. I lived in Australia for a couple of years. That was when I had just graduated high school and that was definitely the most transformational experience for me. Introducing me to the big world, being an adult in another country, learning how to pay bills and using credit cards somewhere else.

You’ve picked really interesting places to go. Do you do music full time?

I am also actually a full-time make-up artist. I work in films and commercials and some bridals. By the way I’m going to do New York fashion week and then Paris as well. Make up has been my fuel for me. I went into make up so I could pay the bills and also start fueling my music more. So music I started taking on full-time just this year, recording the EP and launching that.

Where do you and your music want to be in five years?

I would love to be in more films and commercials. Just the way that I write I think of more of the story. Storytelling in general so it’s like getting it into film would be ideal and just really singing out to the world too, but film and commercials would be my goal.

Do you perform live?

A little bit. I use to a lot more. Lately I have just been more focused on the Internet aspect of things and getting it on that line. The Internet can build an audience to perform to. The Internet has given such an amazing platform for artists. Playing for people is much more easy now than it used to be.

Is there a favorite song that you went that was more challenging or more fun to write?

Out of all of them I’d say I’m most excited about “Human Race”. I think it is the most kind of relatable across the board for people and it’s personally something that I struggle with, like doing things on my own and feeling like I can have total control. Then having things happen where I realize, oh no, I really need people to get where I need to be by myself. So I think that song is kind of a wake-up call for me and I think a lot of people especially in America can relate to that as well because our culture preaches independence, only loving yourself and being alone. I think that we are stronger together so that’s the theme that I am most excited about.

If you could say anything to your fans or your fans to be, what would you say?

To be themselves and to go for what they want, to go for their dreams with 100% capacity and find people who are where they want to be and listen and always learn. Always keep an open mind and be humble enough to continue to learn all about life and to just go for it.


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